Woodworker's Journal 1993-17-6, страница 2


While other geniuses have been out collecting their Nobel Prizes, ours have been experimenting in the basement again.

O hey look harmless enough. But send these men to the basement at Ryobi R&D, and they go wild. This year, it all started with the new OSS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander - the first in its price range to combine up-and-down and rotary motion for bum-free finishes on

a huge array of shapes and contours. Which led to the new BS900 Band Saw for more intricate cuts and 9" capacity. Ah, then came the TDS4000K - the only cordless drywall and deck screw gun to operate at pro-standard 4000 rpm's. The RA202 Radial Arm Saw, with its patented Control Cut™ feature for operator-selected saw head advance and automatic return. Our ever-popular Detail Sander. And the handy API 2 Portable Planer with its quick blade changes and lateral adjustment of knives to eliminate scoring. Fact is, whatever the tool - benchtop, cordless or handheld - some Ryobi genius is always finding a refreshingly better, more accurate and efficient way to get the job done. Are they really mad scientists? Probably not. Are they coming up with products you'll be crazy about? You bet.


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