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Move it to wherever you're working. Or move it into storage when it's not in use. Features built-in handles and removable table extensions.

Building . On Tradition


A Pentair Company

Two-knife cutterhead makes 16,000 cuts/minute to assure a perfectly smooth finish. Surfaces stock from W to 6" thick, up to 12" wide, with absolute accuracy.

Cutterhead and feed assembly effortlessly ride up and down on four precision-ground steel columns. This adds stability and eliminates motor vibration. Feed rate automatically adjusts itself. Stationary table means infeed and outfeed levels stay put. g-

Mill your own rough sawn t x >arris to the thickness you desire. Be free to really design your work, instead of being at the mercy of pre dimensioned lumber.

We've taken what we've learned about thickness planing in professional shops over the years and scaled it to the home shop. Hefty enough to handle large stock. "Vet compact enough to tuck away when you're not using it. %

like all of our tools, it's built to become a loyal member of your "shop staff' through thick and thin.

You'll find Delta quality shop tools at your local Delta machinery dealer or at leading home center and hardware stores. Call toll free rind we'll give

fyou the name of the store nearest. you. Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486. In Canada, call: 519-836-2840.

The Delta 12" Portable Planer. Features a stationary, stainless steel table for smooth feeding, and extension tables tor ample work support. A top-mounted control handle raises and lowers cutterhead for easy, precision adjustment.