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pallcrn to a Iin. thick by 3 in. wide by 7 in. long block, then cut the body (A) profile. The window hole is just a 7x in. diameter hole, with a '/4 in. radius roundover. Apply the same '/j in. radius roundover to the body edges.

Cut the bed (B). ends (C) and sides

Looking for some easy-to-make toys to fill those Christmas stockings? This great little trio of toys can be made in a weekend or less, and best of all. they won't put a big dent in your stock budget. Indeed, you'll probably find most of what you'll need in the scrap box. The toys shown were made for us by Kansas toy makers Lynes Unlim- ^

ited. Lynes has also agreed lo provide a parts kit that includes all the pegs. ■* wheels and turned parts that you'll need to make all three items (see Kit Source).

Our toy trio is made mainly with birch, walnut, oak and padauk. but you can use whatever woods you have available. Since the design of these toys is relatively simple, it's a good idea to employ contrasting woods. This adds visual interest. As for a finish, we don't recommend that you use anything more than a natural, nontoxic oil. Our favorite is Preserve, which

is made from the oil of various nut meats. If you can't find it locally. Preserve is available from Woodcraft (I -800-225-1153).

By Land—The Truck

Our truck is made mainly of birch, with walnut accents. Transfer the full-size


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