Woodworker's Journal 1993-17-6, страница 78



Vol. 11 No. 6 No\-Dce *87 Roc«ng Horse. J-Drawer Jcwclr>- Chest. Tapering Jig. Rolling Tn>. Folk Art Silhouette. Tw Towel R.ieks. Earls American Wall Shell. Corner Cupboard. Stacking Wine Racks. Curio Cabinet: Articles: Glues & Gluing: Band Saw Setup: Making the Continuous Bracket Foot; Step-by-Step to a Haw less Finish

Vol. 12 No. 1 Jan-Feb "88 Contemporary Coffee Table. Fuss 'n B<x>ks Bookcnds. Cookbook Holder. Wooden Jewelry. Child's Duck Puzzle. Shaker Wall Clock. Stereo Cabinet & Speakers. Country Occasional Table. Drill Press Jig. Pierced Tin Cabinet: Articles: Edge Gluing: The Drill Press. Pierced Tin: Four Shopniade Finishes.

Vol. 12 No. 2 Mar-Apr '88 Oak & Glass Tier Table. Crystal Regulator Clock. Early American Candlesticks. Arrow Wall Decoration. Three-Drawer Country Wall Box. Key Cabinet. Contemporary Box. Shaker Carrier. Folk Harp: Articles: l sc ami Sharpening of the Hand Scraper: The Lathe: Basic Setup: Quartered Turnings: Lacquer.

Vol. 10 No. 4 July-Aug "8f» Wall-Hung Display Cabinet. Latticework Planter. Country Bucket Bench. Adirondack C'hair. Coffee Mill. Clamdigger's Basket. Box of Shapes Toy. Disk Clock. Tenon Jig. Dictionary Stand. Shaker Slat-Back Side Chair; Articles: Selecting a Production Project More About Warped Boards. About Router Bits: Sliding Dovetail Joints

Vol. 10 No. 5 Sept-Oel '86 Vanity Case. Stool. Coffee Table. Blanket Chest. Mortar and Pestle. Whale Folk Art Silhouette. Toy Wagon. Cranberry Rake. Router Bit Box, Shaker Drop-Leal Table. Desk with TambvW lop: Articles: Are Your Prices Competitive?; Restoring a Rosewood Chain

Kids' Kitchen Play center SepttOct '9

Vol. 12 No. 3 May-June '88 Loon Carving, Early American Dr\ Sink. Contemporary Dresser. Old-Time Pipe Box. Antique Knife & Fork Tray. Dutch Tulip Folk-Art Silhouette. Colonial Salt Box, Bud Vase. Miter Gauge Stop. Hunt Table: Articles: Spindle Turning: Selecting and Sharpening Lathe Tools: Recessed Finger Pull Stcp-by-Siep. Coloring Wood: An Overv iew.

Vol. 12 No. 4 July-Aug '88 Magazine Rack. Occasional Table, Mitered-Corner Box. Heart Stool. Decorative Cutting Boards. Piggy Bank. Turned Bowl.Country Cupboard. 4-Drawer Lamp: Articles: Faceplate Turning; Workshop layout: Dovetails on the Table Saw; Staining Basics.

Vol. 12 No. 5 Sept-Oct "88 Miter Cutting Jtg. Captain's Clock. Country Coffee Table. Rooster Folk-Art Silhouette. Harvest Basket. Bird Push Toy. I8th-Century Pencil Post Bed and Niglu-stand. Bookcase Desk; Articles: Wood Movement: Joining Ring Segments: Drill Bits: Filling Open-Grained Woods.

Vol. 12 No. 6 Nov-Dec '88 Shaker High Chest, fable Saw Crosscut Box. Country Vegetable Bin. Whale Pull Toy. Colonial Wall Sconce. Trectop Christmas Ornament. Classic Pickup Truck. Contemporary Cradle. Child's Carousel Lamp: Articles: Flattening Wide Surfaces w/ihe Hand Plane: Making a Cove-Fdged Raised Panel Core-Box Bit Method: Poly urethune: Sander for Large Surfaces

7f> Tin.' Woodworker's Journal

Bookcase SepiA

Vot 9 No. 3 May-June "85 Wall Cabin*) w/Recessed Finger Pulls, Shaker Desk. Kitchen Cart Contemporary Wall Clock. Colonial Wall Sconce. Card Box. Towel Bar w/ Glass Shell. Maibte Race Toy. Cradle. Vanity Mirror. Miter Clamping fig. Jacobean Joint Stool. Articles: Product Liability: Pan I: Restoring an Antique Frame; Coping wAVood Movement; Making Recessed Finger Pulls.

Vol. 9 No. 6 Nov-Dec

'85 Dulcimer, Dining Table. Shakei Washstand. Marking Gauge. Veneered Wall Clock. -5 v 4 Ot'f-Roader. I eddy Bear Puzzle. Duck Pull Toy. landscape Cutting Boards. Early Amer Fall Clock, Desk Organizer. Moravian Chair. Articles: Weaving a Rush Seat. Part I. Table Saw Ripping Problems/ Solutions; 4-Pieee Bmk Match Veneering. Running a Profitable Business.

Vol. 10 No. I Jan-Feb

'86 Chippendale Bachelor's Chest. Oriental Serving Tray, Country Bench. Antique Knife Tray. Tape Dispenser. Valentine Box. Toy low Truck A: Car.

Shaker Drop-leal Tabic. ^--

Shop-made Bow Saw.

Child's Settle Bench. Plate Shelves. Freestanding Shclt System; Articles: Getting Paid for Your Wort:: Weaving a Fiber Rush Scat. Part II: Table Saw Crosscut ting, Router-Lathe Fluting

Vol. HI No. 3 May-June "86 Contemporary Lamp. Early Amer. Bench. Steam-bent Clock. Pine Hutch. Goose Basket. Toy Crane. Condiment Holder. Shop Workstation. Parson's Table. Shaker Lap Desk. Victorian Whatnot Shelf: Articles: Toy maker Clare Maginley: Flattening Warped Boards: Choosing a Router: Supported Steam Bending.

Basic Router Operations; Making Tambour Doors

Vol. 11 No. 2 Mar-Apr '87

Garden Bench & Tahle. Mirrored Wall Shelf. Rhombohedron Puzzle. Wood Sawyer Whirligig. Folk \rt Doorstop. Kangaroo Pull Toy, Colonial Wall Shelf. Content? Hall Table. Shaker Sewing Desk: Articles: Dtreci Mail Piomo-tion; Finishes: The Mortise & Tenon. Part If: Bevel Edged Drawer Bottoms.

Vol. 11 No. 3 May-June

'87 Kitchen Canister Set. Riding Biplane. Contemporary Serving Carl. Napkin Holder. IX'corative Planter. Country Vegetable Bin, Medicine Cabinet. Drum Sander. Vienna Regulator Clock. Display Pedestal; Articles: Penetrating Oils: The Jointer; Veneer Pan 1. Dovetail Key Buu-Miter.

Vol. 11 No. 4 July-Vug

"87 Early American Book case. Trash Container. Low Cost Workbench, Country Basket. Desk Calendar with Pen & Pencil. Butterfly Pull Toy. Vanity Mirror with Drawer. Apothecary Chest. TV/VCR Cabinet; Articles: Shellac. The Hand Plane: Veneer. Part 11; Incised Carving.

Vol. 11 No. 5 Sept-Oct '87 Contemporary Love Seat. Two-Drawer Platform Bed. Snail Pull Toy. Routed Trivets. Sptce Rack with Chip Carving. Joiner's Too! Chest, Shaker-style Siep Stool, Turned Shop Mallets. Woodbox: Articles: French Polishing Made Easy; Plane Iron Sharpening. Making a Splaved Leg Drill Guidcblock; Traditional Chip Carving: Shop-Tested'- i2 Jigsaws. Making the Knuckle Joint.