Woodworker's Journal 1993-17-6, страница 79


Toddler Cod. Folk Fiddle. Clam Stand. Santa Fe Bench; Articles; Making Dunviv I sing Router Hie-s in lilt- Drili Press; f mi-hinsj Outdoor Projects; Mating Curved Instrument Sides: A Conversation n ith the Weslovers

Vol. 14 Nu. 3 May-June '90 Garden Table & Chan. Planter Box Siaekabie Shoe Rack. Victorian Wall Shell. Child's Stepped Back Cupboard. Cat 1'ush Toy. Tabletop Armoire. Shaker Tall Clock. Articles: Japanese Saws: Gluing Oily Wowty Tung Oil; Make a Tombstone Frame & Panel Door; Woodwoikcring ami Ram (uresis

Vol. 1-4 No. 4 Jul)-Aug '911 Slani-Back Cupboard. Folding Deck Table, Two Toy Dragsters. Colonial Sign. Batbecue Tray. Workbench Helper. Harvest Table. Plate Rack. Sunburst Mirror. Artirles: Rasps; Safety: Workshop Fin ishcs Pose Risks.: Making the Dovetailed Wedge; Knock-Down Hardware.

Vol. 14 No. 5 Scpt-Oct '91) T\ VCR Cabin.! w/Pockei Dwrs. Shaker Woodbox, Cabinet with Punched Tin Doors, Sushi Set. Carved Pineapple. English Cutlery Tray. liiy Train Set. Workbench. Portuhle Toot Chest. Articles; Files and How to Use Them; Compound Angle Dovetails: Waer-Bascd Finishes: Making the Slip Joint; Shop Test ft Dovetail Jigs.

Vol. 15 No. 1 Jan-Fcb '91 Sama Ft-Chair & Table. Clamp Rack. Provincial Bench. Siep Stool. Box w/Marque try Top, Ash Wall IVsk. Fork Lift Toy. Connecticut River Valley Highboy. Pnrt I: Articles: Tempering Steel Tools; 3 liasy Finishes for Oak Making a Cabriole Leg: Hand-Cut Dovetails Special Section: Back yf Issue Indev.

■ Mar/Apr '90

Vol. 16 No. 1 Jarl-Feb '92 Country Pine-Mirror, Dmp-teal Dining Table. Chess Set. Shop WortcCOier. B;uidsawn Heart Box. Scroll-sawn Diior Harp. Classic Firelruck. Toucan-on-a Branch. Window Valance: Articles: Safer Router Bit Designs ami New Accessories: Dutch Turning. Veneering; Too! Review: Plunge Routers. Special Secinir Back Issue Index

Vol. 16 No. 3 May-June '92 Cherry Lingerie Ctvesi Picnic Table. Butternut Breadbox. Tabletop Napkin Holder. Shoot the-Moon Rollerball (iame.

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Vol. 15 No. 4 July-.Vug '91 Moun tain Dulcimer. Shaker Drop-Leal Table. 4 Fjs\ Picture Frames Shop-Made Lathe Chuck. Napkin Holder. Fisherman Whirligig, Horse & Cart Toy, GumhaU Machine: Articles; Shaping on a Table Saw; Turning Small Boxes; Low-Tech Picture Frames Use Simple Hand Tools for a Professional Job: Ciel Slairs. Tool Review: Thin Kerf Blades.

Vol. 15 No. 5 Sept-Oil '91 Colonial Bench. Shop Built Mortising/Tenoning Table. Pine Wall Cabinet. Gun/Bookeaie/Curio Cabinet. Till-Aetion Dump Truck. Four Easy Kitchen Projects Cooling Rack, Salad Tongs. Serving Board. Recipe Box. -\rtieles: Secret Compartments Making Dadoes .Simple Joints tor Simple Casework: The New Safe Shipper. Mow Well Do They Work >: Too! Review: Scroll Saws For Under S2W

Vol.15 No. 6 Nov-Dec '9] Country Pine Writing Desk. Hurricane Lamp. Little Folks" Desk & Bench. Colonial Dolihousc. Jewelry Box. l ather Christmas Carving. Heirloom Toy Chest. Plastic Bag Recycle*. Faux-turucd Vessels; 4 Fuil-ia/e Patterns. Articles: Noise <u the Shop: Fans turned Vessels technique): Die Frame and Panel; Tftml Review - Biscuit Joujcts

Intarsia Project. Drill Press Organizer, Country Curio Clocfc Articles: Thinking Like a Craftsman. Collet Chuck Turning: Sharpening Guides &. Gizmos: Finishing Kits.

Vol. lf> No. 4 Jul-Aug '92 Lawn Glidci Aeniian Harp. Candle Holders. Tractor/Trailer Toy. Audio/Video Remote Rack Western-style Belt Buckle and Bolo VI. Side by-side C'liesi/ Cupboard. 3 Sparc-saving Projects for tht Shop: Articlei: Tlie Cordless Tool Resolution: Finishes for Maple. Joining Tops lo Tables and Case Pieces.

Vol. 16 No. 5 Sept-Oct "92 Fariy American Pine Hutch. Child's Windsor Chair. Universal Tahte Saw Jig. Convertible Step Stool/Chair. Finger-saving Plastic Bag Handle Acrobalic Bear Folk Toy. Kids' Kitchen Piuycemer. Easy-build Bookshelves; Anieles: Amps Horsepower: An Introduction to Chairbu tiding. Vacuum Turning: Tool Review: Benchtop Table Saws.

Vol. 16 No. 6 Nov-Dec '92 Gov Winthrop Slant-front Desk. Futon Bed/Couch. Low-cost Router Table. Toy Livestock Truck. Heirloom Jewelry Box. Scroll-sawn \ativity Scene, Larly American Doll Bed. Router-built Wall Cabtnec, Articles: Stick and Cope Doorbuifding; l.menfold Carving Tool Review: High-endScroll Saws


Vol. 13 No. 1 jan-Feb "89 Shop-buifi Disk Sander. Clierty Table. Wall Clock. Rock A Roll Toy. Contemporary Candlesticks. Merganser Decoy. Child's Table & Chairs. Shaker Walt Cibjnel:Articles: Buying Hardwood lumber; The Thickness Planer Breadboard Lnds: F.boiu/ing.

Nowmhcr/December X*f)3

Vol. 13 No. 2 Mar-Apr "89 \ditrmdack Settee. Country Village. ISlh-Ceniury Tilt-Top Table. Toy Fishing Trawler. Two Trtveis. Folk-Art Cow. Greek Revival Birdhouse, Pine Armoirc. Oriental Mirror. Articles: Transferring and Enlarging Patterns: Making Tripod f.eps: Three Easy Finishes lor Pine. I'lie Portable Circular Saw.

Vol. 13 No. 3 May-June "119 Storage Seats. Table Saw Gauge. Oval Extension Table, N'essie Pull Toy, Back Massager. Decorative Walt Key. Country Wall Shell. Contemporary Mirror. Jewelry Chest. Articles: Panel Retainer Disk System. Circular Saw Blades: Cutting Box Joints; N'on-Toxic Finishes: Interview: Paula Garbarino.

Vol. 13 No. 4 July-Aug "S9 Shaker Long Bench, f olk-Art Sign, Toy Farm Tractor and Wagon. Miniature Flower Cart. Kitchen Tongs. Wall Cabinet with Tinsel Art. Stacking Bookshelves. Country Pie Safe: Articles: Dealing wiih Uneven Wood: Tinsel Art; Coping with Your Radial-Arm Saw . Brushing Lacquer: A Visit to a Woodworking Show

Vol. 13 No. 5 Sept-Oct "89 Country Bake Room Table. Chippendale Small Chest. Slacking Desk Trays Pencil Kov. Apple Doorstop. Sjiaec Shuttlc Toy. Marquetry Coasters, Ice Chest with Martvlei/edTop. Gkvbe Stand: \rticle\: Table Saw Basics; Culling Full Blind Dovetails; Matvjueiry: the Pad Method: Marblei/ing. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village: A. Museum in the Milking: Tool Review: Four Portable Planers,

Vol. 13 No. 6 Nov-Dec '89 Mission Style Trestle Table. Jewelry Box, Kids" Bobsled, Si Nicklaus Carving. Carousel Toy. Box Drum. Dancing Man Folk Toy. Towel Rack. Secretary Desk, fled Tray Irtirffj; Mortising Butt Hinges: Dado Heads; Marquetry The Fnipty Window Method. Aniline Dyes: Lynes Unlimited; Making Toys in a Kansas Chicken Coop.

Vol. 14 No. 1 Jan-Fcb "9(1 M ■ use Tenon Mirror. Weaver's C'hcsl of Drawers. Tissue Box Cover. Band-Sawn Napkin Holder. Grasshopper Pull Toy. Compact Disc Holder. Shop-Built Spin die Sander, Wall-Hang Ironing Board Tavern Fable; Articles: Clamps: One Shop Tool You Can't Do Without; Mow to Ftang Wall Cabinets; Marquetry: The Direct Method: A Guide to Wax and Polish; Special Section Back ls-.ue Index.

Vol. 14 No. 2 Mar-Apr "90 Small larK American Mirror. Shop-Built Sanding Blocks Cookie Jar Holder. Hourglass. Candle Holder.