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Don't Buy a Big Tiller

For a Small Job!

If your garden is an acre or more, you may want to buy a big tiller. If it's any less, you should buy a Mantis Tiller/Cultivator. Big tillers till and weed 20" or more wide. The Mantis Tiller/ Cultivator tills and weeds a practical 9" wide.

Big tillers weigh almost 300 lbs. The Mantis tiller weighs just 20 lbs.! Even turning a 300 lb. tiller in a backyard garden without running over crops (or yourself) is a challenge.

Costs Hundreds Less!

Most big tillers were designed to just till (but many now offer clumsy "add-on" attachments to try and justify their high cost.) The Mantis Tiller/ Cultivator was designed from the beginning to precisely match a small, powerful engine to a variety of useful attachments for your yard and garden. Tiller. Cultivator. Furrower. Edger. Lawn Aerator. Lawn Dethatcher. Hedge Trimmer.

Most big tillers cost an arm and a leg. Despite the fact that the Mantis Tiller is a tough, durable, precision instrument... it costs a fraction of what you'll pay for a big tiller.

Look at the Warranty. Most machines are partially covered for 90 days to a year. The Mantis Tiller/ Cultivator's patented tines are guaranteed forever against breakage. If they ever break, return the broken one to us for a replacement. The tiller unit is guaranteed for two years, fom the date of purchase, against defects in materials or workmanship. If we didn't make such a fine machine, J= we couldn't make such a fine offer. a=

♦ Easily weeds an average garden in 20 minutes. ^

♦ Does so many jobs...from lawn care to 1 weeding...and more! o

♦ Women and senior gardeners love the Mantis 9


Tiller/Cultivator. |

♦ Early order bonus (if you hurry). g



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♦ Patented tines guaranteed forever against breakage.

♦ Fun to use! The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is so much fun to use, gardeners everywhere love their Mantis Tillers.

The Mantis Promise

Try any product that you buy directly from Mantis with NO RISK! If you're not completely satisfied, send it back to us within one year for a complete, no-hassle refund.

For FREE VIDEO and Details call toll-free


or mail the coupon today!

FREE Border Edger with Early Orders

+ Mantis

l/wnris Dpt M?6,R4aJ

-" Southampton, PA 18966

^ YES! Please rush me FREE VIDEO and information on the Mantis Tiller/Cultivator and your ONE YEAR NO-RISK TRIAL. Tell me how I can get a FREE BORDER EDGER with my new tiller.

Name__f\ A

- V





We Make Gardening Easier.®

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