Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 36

Downdraft Sanding Box

A downdraft sanding device doesn't have to be an involved, time-consuming project. This little beauty comes together in one afternoon and will handle moderate sanding jobs with ease.


ere's a helpful accessory for anyone who wants to breathe a little easier during sanding, especially with those wood species like cedar, walnut or cocobolo that can cause allergic reactions. And, given the recent research that suggests wood dust might be a carcinogen, anything we "lifer" woodworkers can do to manage dust is a good idea. Even with this downdraft box, continue to use your sander's dust bag or canister for added protection.

Basically, this project is an air box. Its thin profile keeps the volume of air to a minimum. This increases the airflow rate, which improves efficiency. Storing it is easy. The case is only the thickness of a 2 x 4, so it hangs neatly out of the way on the shop wall. (You can make the sidewalls higher if you need to

accommodate a larger dust hose.) When it's on the workbench, that thin profile also means the top of the box is low enough to work on without raising your arms too high, which would eventually lead to fatigue.

It's a good idea to cover the empty portion of the sanding top with paper or hardboard during use, to boost suction in the section of the box

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