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with over 8,000 of the finest woodworking tools in the world, Woodcraft can help you work more efficiently and skillfully than ever. Call for your free copy today.

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Electw-Fih' Precision Reciprocating Tool

For Use On Scroll Saw & Fretwork Projects

This tool allows you to apply increased, even pressure to file

away imnerfectinn.«X Turn a 10 minule inl°a 60 second 'ob! caused by uneven blade cutting, cutting too far/not far

enough or when a blade snaps in mid-cut. Sanding strips, saw blades, rasps and mini files make it the perfect tool for all your woodworking projects!

Deluxe Kit Includes:

Model 2000 Electric Tool AC to DC Adaptor 2 Cutting Blades 1 Sanding Paddle 20 Sanding Strips 10 pc. Needle File Setw/Case I

In contiguous U.S.A. add $8.50 for S & H.


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ON LINE With Our Secure Web Site Nww.precisionhobby.coin

TOLL FREE 1-877-872-09;

PRECISION ""LINEwl"1 "ur®ecwe**"rww-Precisianha'1^

Tool Celebrating Over 10 Years In Business

Hubertus,WI 53033-9799

l Series r Blades

Super hard edge tempered back band saw blades.

For use by professional woodworkers and craftsmen in industrial, woodworking, and furniture manufacturing applications.

The most efficient, long lasting blades with induction hardened teeth for cutting wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metal.

- Visit Your Olson Dealer and

Ask for the New All Pro Blades.

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16 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801 • www.olsonsaw.com Manufacturers of Fine Quality Saw Blades Since 1918


For clean and safe cuts in non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood.

Ideal for miter cuts: Instead of swivelling the saw head, the table with clamped down work piece is turned! Laterally moving saw head (Patent DP 103.18.479.1) allows for minimal gap between work piece vise and actual cut which is vibration free and leaves no burr. The KGS 80 comes standard with a carbide tipped saw blade 3 1/8" x 1/16" x 3/8" (80 x 1.6 x 10 mm).

Chop and Miter Saw KGS 80

The PROXXON line is the assortment for the serious model builder. Every machine one could wish for the delicate project. More than 50 tools, all in a compact size, thus lightweight and easy manageable without ever compromising performance. High quality German engineered power tools - no matter which project is next on your list, we have the right tool for you!

More information on the line and PROXXON dealers:

www.proxxon.com/us —

PROX-Tech, Inc., P.O. Box 1909, Hickory, NC, 28603-1909 Toll free 1-877-PROXXON, sales@prox-tech.com

Winter 2007


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