Woodworker's Journal fall-2008, страница 98


Fellow Journal readers share their

tried-and-true shop tricks. give these a try in your shop.

Instant Edging Clamps

Edging clamps are quite useful, but if you seldom need them you may not want to make the investment in these special clamps. Here's a thrifty alternative: when you have a job that requires edge clamping, improvise with small C-clamps and wooden wedges as shown above. Install the clamps first then tap the wedges in from opposite directions to press the edging securely against the plywood.

Wedges and a C-clamp create quick and easy edge clamps.

Improved Sanding Black

How can anything as basic as a sanding block be improved? Easily: saw a slot in one face, about 3/4" from the side. Insert one edge of the sandpaper into the slot and wrap it around the block. This way, your grip on the block will now keep the paper secure. Have several sanding blocks on hand, some with square edges, others rounded to various radii. You may even want to pre-cut your sandpaper so it's ready for your favorite sanding block when you need it.

Quick-change Rip Fence Inserts

The reader who submitted this trick shares a woodworking shop with other military personnel and too often finds the metal rip fence scarred by close encounters with the moving saw blade. Instead of attaching a sacrificial fence, which would then invalidate the measuring scale along the front rail, he came up with this solution.

Create a custom permanent fence facing with removable inserts, as shown in the sketch at right. Store a spare insert on the opposite side of the fence. You could fashion it with a cutout that matches the diameter of your dado blade. It's useful when cutting rabbets.

Use this insert when making rabbets with a dado blade.


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