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The correct feed direction is to move the router against the bit's rotation. When routing an inside cutout, feed the router clockwise around the opening (left). Switch to a counterclockwise direction for outside edges (right).

performance, too. When routing around the inside of a workpiece, such as a picture frame, feed the router clockwise (see top left photo). Switch directions when you're following an outside edge, and move the router counterclockwise (see top right photo). You'll know you are feeding correctly if the router gently resists your efforts. If it jerks forward and pulls through the cut, it's a telltale sign that you're heading the wrong way and making a climb cut. Climb cuts are unsafe for ordinary passes when you are removing a lot of wood.

Tip 3: Sometimes a Climb Cut Can Work Wonders

If you are routing across just the end grain of a board, be careful of the exit corner. When the bit breaks through those weak fibers, it's a prime chance for tearout. One way to avoid the problem is to start your routing pass at the exit corner and make a short climb cut to remove the corner material first (see bottom left photo). Ease the router gently into the wood and pull it slowly back toward you a half inch or so. Then, stop the tool and start the cut on the left end, routing

A short climb cut (left) removes the corner that will be prone to tearout when cutting across end grain. Follow it up with a normal left-to-right pass to complete the cut (right).

across the end grain to meet your climb cut (see bottom right photo). Presto ... no tearout! Always use extreme caution when attempting a climb cut.

Tip 4: Crossgrain Calls for a Scrap Backup

Routing dadoes can result in a nasty blow-out where the bit exits the wood, especially if you are hogging out a lot of material. Before you plow the dado, clamp a piece of scrap to the outboard edge first. Then, rout across your workpiece and slightly into the scrap — it will support the


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