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Box Joints on the Router Table

Spice Up Your Drawers and Casework with Classic Interlocking Box Joints

By Chris Marshall

Box joints are a time-honored and effective way to strengthen the corners of your casework, boxes and drawers. All of those interlocking pins and slots contribute lots of surface area for glue, so you're sure to produce joints that will last. And, the organized pattern of face and end grain creates an

eye-catching geometry, especially if you build your project from contrasting wood species.

Making box joints isn't difficult on either the table saw or router table — we'll use the router table here — but you have to make them within precise tolerances so the pins and slots fit together properly. That requires a simple jig

with a key to index the slot spacing. You can either purchase a box joint jig or make your own from a piece of scrap wood fitted with a wooden key and screwed to a miter gauge (see top left photo, facing page). In either case, the size and location of this key, and its spacing from the router bit, are what establish your box joint pat

Interlocking pins and slots are the showcase feature of box joints. They present lots of glue surface area for a strong connection.

30 Box Joints On The Router Table

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