Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-01, страница 32

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-01, страница 32

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pAttach t I& mirrored ||f Plexiglas the rear i cherry wi || 4x3/6" I® screws .

Y Patterns 1 ' Located in * Full Size Pattern i Section ; L No. 2! A


designed by John Nelson sawn by Glenn Filgate

Fig. 1. Exploded view of the spider clock.


Wood: cherry— one piece 3/8" x 9-5/8" x 15-1/4" Tools: scroll saw with No. 2 and No. 5 blades; drill with small bits including a 7/64"-Dia. bit and a 1-3/8"-Dia. Forstner bit Temporary-bond spray adhesive Sandpaper, assorted grits Clear oil finish of choice Mirrored Plexiglas {9-1/2" x 15-1/8") Four No. 4 x 3/8" wood screws Picture hanger 1 -7/16"-Dia. clock movement


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