Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 7

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 7

Meet Jim Sweet of Sweet's Creations. Jim purchased his Hawk Scroll Saw with the idea of earning extra income when he retired. Jim started out by making children's puzzles and selling them at local craft shows.

It was then that Jim began creating his own unique puzzle designs lie calls ''. Woodimals are puzzles cut in (he shape of an animal and the shape is made to spell out the animal's name. Jim now lias over 150 different Woodii rials that have become popular with collectors all over the region. People stand in line at art fairs to get Jim's latest Woodimal creations. As for retirement he's having a great time getting paid for doing what he loves!

Find out for yourself why the Hawk Scroll Saw is the choice of Jim Sweet and thousands of other professional crafts people. Call today for your free Fact Kit about the Hawk Scroll Saw.

• Variable speed

• Patented quick blade change

• Adjustable stroke for different types of cutting

• Cuts so smooth, no sanding required

• Vibration free performance

• 3 models to choose from

• 100% made in USA quality



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1801 Vine Street P.O. Box 369

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