Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 23

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 23

your index fingers on the holder, while your thumbs and middle fingers guide it. The coin can get hot while cutting, so keep your fingers on the coin holder and cut the coin nsing a speed of 800-1000 strokes per minute.

Unlike wood projects, if you were to turn the scroll saw blade sharply while cutting coins, the blade will break. The best procedure is to stop cutting at the place you want to turn, back up slightly, and cut a small notch in the waste area large enough for the blade to fit into. Now you can turn the coin in the direction you want to follow. This is called relief or back cutting and ts actually much easier than it sounds. Depending on the coin and the pattern within, it may be advantageous to drill small holes in the waste area close to where you will be changing direction to act as relief cuts. From here, simply follow the lines in the coin as you would with any wood pattern.

A little tip for repositioning the coin in the holder is to let. the blade hold the coin (while tensioned) with the saw turned off. To move the holder to a new position, simply pull the coin holder toward you. This may require a little practice, but it works

The coin used for this project, a Kennedy half dollar.

Lay one of the coin holder handles so that it rests on the table top and start cutting it lengthwise.

great every time.

Like everything else about scroll sawing, coin cutting is meant to be fun and relaxing. Knjoy yourself and your friends and family will treasure the keepsakes you make for a long time to come.

If you iwould like to read more, about cutting coins, along with over 24 exciting "non-wood" items such as glass, metals, stencils and more, contact me at Scroll Saw News Publishing, 17713 S. 6(fh Court, Tin lev Park, 1L 60477, or call 708-532-5624. or fax 708-532-6431.

If you are interested in the project above, / have put together two different kits to help you gel started. Kit 1 includes one Kennedy half dollar, one half dollar bezel, and one 18" heavy rope chain in your choice of color, silver or gold. Kit 2 includes one Kennedy half dollar and one money clip in your choice of color, silver or gold. Each kit sells for §9.95 including shipping and handling while

Cutting out the coin holder.

The coin holder cut in two. Notice the larger opening on the top holder. This was caused by the bevel cut which allows you to see the coin better as you cut.

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