Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 38

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 38


Wood: basswood—one piece 3" x 6" x 9" Tools: band saw; drill press with 5/8" spade bit; carving knife; No. 2-6mm skew chisel; No. 4-4mm, No. 5-4mm, and No. 11-6mm gouges; No. 11-3mm veiner; No. 41-14mm V-tool Oil paints of choice Brushes of choice 1/8"-Dia. dowel



by Ivan Whillock


Step 1. Trace the side view pattern onto the basswood block. The grain should go the long way on the block. Saw the outline with the band saw. Drill a 5/8" hole in the

Step 2. Make stop cuts around the base and around the arms. Remove about 3/8" of wood from around the arms so that they project from the body.

Step 4. Draw guide lines from the tops and bottoms of the ears to help you locate the eyebrows and the bottom of the nose.


Although this carving is quite challenging, it is not out of the range of an intermediate carver or even a patient beginner. Take your time and study the photos carefully. If you have not carved many children's faces before, you may want to practice the features on a separate block before carving them into this figure.

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Step 3. Narrow the head so that it is about 2" wide across the ears. Draw the ears on the back half of the head. Lower the wood at the side of the head so that the ears stand out about 1/8" from the side of the head. Carve a 90 degree angle across the front of the face.

___r 5. Looking at the front of the

face, remove wood at the eye line and at the bottom of the nose Make a slanted plane from the tip of the nose to the eye line. Remove wood from the forehead and the chin so that the nose stands away from the face.

Step 6. With the No. 5-4mm gouge, make stop cuts at the wings of the nose. Slant the tool away from the nose so that you do not undercut the wings. Remove wood on either side of the nose so that the wings are back on the face. Look at the profile. Notice that the wings of the nose are behind the front edge of the lips. You have to drop the wings back deeper than the ball of the nose to get that effect.

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