Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 24

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 24


Wood: birch plywood or wood of choice—one piece %

3/4" x 6" x 18" (for the car), one piece 1 /8" x 3/4" x §

1" (for the small numbers), one piece 1 /8" x 1" x |

1-1 /2" (for the large numbers) | Tools: scroll sow with assorted blades; drill with bits Temporary-bond spray adhesive

Sandpaper, assorted grits |:

Dark stain of choice |

Light stain of choice I

Hanger of choice |


Copy the car pattern and transfer it to the selected stock, attaching it with spray adhesive. Bore blade entry holes in the waste areas and make all cuts, beginning with the inside and working toward the perimeter.

Select the desired numbers, copy them, and transfer to the 1/8" stock. Bore blade entry holes as needed and cut the numbers to shape. Thoroughly sand all pieces.

Apply the light stain to the entire car, then the dark stain to the tires and numbers. When dry, referring to the photograph, glue the numbers in place on the car. Attach the hanger to the back of the piece. Hang and enjoy! jf|

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