Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 40

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 40

ptep 3. Remove about p/4" of wood from the ^remaining corners. Make istop cuts for the tops of the ■Ihoes. Make an angled feut from the knees to the |hoe tops.

Step 4. Make stop cuts around the arms as they are folded to the front of the figure. Remove about a 1/4" of wood around the chest and legs so that the arms and hands emerge from the body.


by Ivan Whillock

Step 2. Make a 3/8" stop cut at that point and remove the entire comer from the chin to the bottom of the block. Leave the corner for the nose. Narrow the head by removing about 1/2" of wood on the sides and back of the head.


Step 1. On one corner of the 2x2 block, draw a line indicating the bottom of the chin.

in • Creative Woodworks S. Crafts

|Step 5. On the remaining corner of the face, |:carve in the profile. |Carve away the fore-slhead and the mouth so Ithat the tip of the nose listands away from the Irest of the face.


Wood: basswood block—one piece 2" x 2" x 4-1/2" Tools: carving knife Assorted paintbrushes

Oil paints: black, burnt umber, cadmium red,

cadmium yellow, flesh, titanium white Visit Ivan Whillock's website at You may e-mail him:

This little fellow is carved from a singie block without any preliminary sawing. The face is carved in the corner, automatically setting its angle. The arms and hands, folded across the chest, all fit within the proportions of a 2x2 block, 4-1/2" long. I'm not sure what profession you would give this fellow, but he certainly seems happy to serve you!

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