Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 41

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 41


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line down the front of the face to help you balance the features. Remove wood at the eye sockets to lower the eyes into the face.

of the sides of the head, draw arcs for the backs of the ears. Make stop cuts around the ears and remove about 1/8" of wood to make the ears stand away from the sides of the head.

corners of the head to begin shaping it. Narrow the face in front of fhe ears. Carve a slant onto the ears so that they angle to the face.

Step 9. Make stop cuts around the hair line and lower the face so that the hair stands away from the face. Carve in smile lines from the wings of the nose past the corners of the mouth. Carve a wry smile on the mouth.

out the hands. Make one hand fold over the other.

on the jacket and a shirt and tie in the neck opening. Carve the bottom edge of the jacket and add wrinkles at the elbows. Add other details as you see fit.

14. Carve the lower of the figure by mak-a split between the This figure is intended be blocky, so there is no opening between the only a V cut to indi-the separation of the gs. Carve a concave under the knees, detail to the shoes by ing the toes and g a V cut to sepa-the soles of the shoes the uppers.

Painting instructions

I painted the figure with oil paints, brushing the paint on and then immediately wiping it off. By treating the colors more like a stain than a paint, you let the wood show through. Use colors of your choice. You can change the guy's profession by the clothes you put on him. Always feel free to alter the caricatures as suits your imagination.

Creative Woodworks S. Crafts June 20D2 • 41

half-closed, so simply make slits for the eyes.

ing the bowl and then the outer ridge.

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