Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 39

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-06, страница 39

eagle's body using the No. 6-8mm gouge to give you the arc.

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Step 12. Add the detailing with the No. 11-2mm veiner. Carve feather lines into the crest and two lines at the opening of the beak. Add a convex shape to each of the chest feathers. Again, make them seem to overlap like shingles on a roof. Note that each of the small feathers has two lines to indicate the barb in the center of the feather. In the concave section of each acanthus scroll, carve two or three long flowing lines to add accent there.

Step 13. Add feather lines to each of the long feathers of the wings and put a few accents around the neck. Practice these cuts so that you can make them rhythmic and flowing. Generally, each cut will start at the maximum depth of the tool and then become shallower, with the tool emerging from the wood at the end of the cut. This "teardrop" effect adds to the flow of the accent lines and reflects the pattern of the scrolls that, again, become smaller and shallower as they flow to the center.

Combi PMT kit includes:

Two hardwood palm handles with laminated steel tools. 1,5mm 45 degree Vee 4 1/2" long (great for carving hair or fur) 3.0mm # 8 gouge 4 1/2" long (for fine detail work) CWH-3 Walnut handle 4 1/4" long with 3 way solid brass chuck plus LW6 heavy duty carving blade

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