Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 12

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 12

From the editor's desk

Welcome to our 991'1 issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts. We hope you enjoy this issue's broad selection of projects and feature articles. Since reactivating our Reader's Gallery feature in the last issue, we've received lots of photos showing the fine work done by many of you. Please keep those photos coming—we want our Reader's Gallery' feature to be in every issue. We're also looking for Readers' woodworking tips; if you have some good ones you'd like to share with us, please send them to Rick Hutcheson, whose email is, or write to him at 109 N. Ewing, Box 237, Grimes, Towa 50111. Finally, we welcome any questions you have about woodworking. We will feature a Q + A column when we compile enough material. All questions may be emailed to Wcs Demarest:, or write to him at 66 Snover Rd„ Sussex, NJ 07461.

Until the next issue, all the best!



Jerr i Cohen


Darren S. Cohen

Vice President of Circulation & Markt'tiny

Ma rie - Cla ire Macihma Id


Robert Becker Associate Editors

Kathv fllonjwxki William Hansen

We* Demarest

Dirk Boeiman Marilyn Carmtn Roy King Scot; Kochendorfer John A. Nelson Raymond Wilckens Dan Widens IjSiatiOSiiyilQn Carving Editor

Sheila Bergner Ivan Whillock

IntH23kJi(UlM: Techniques Editor

Robert J. fllavacek, Sr. Joe Herrmann

Art Director

Kelly Albertson

He.verty Uolz

Kathleen Nosti Graphic Designers Kimberly Husar • Kelly Reach • Julie Cahmdrielta

Technical Illustrator

George Allien


Wrj Demarest


Natalie Rhine-smith


Lisa SwensotJ

Madeline S. Cohen

Ridin' Buddies by Shelli Robinson

Rustic Birdhouse by Pirk Boeiman

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Irving Spielberg

A Few Highlights From Our Next Issue

Eagle Bcout

Plaque by Marilyn Carmin

Intarsia/Scrolled Welcome Sign by Nancy Jones

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