Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 23

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 23

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$84.95 (plus shipping costs).

pounds). 12" dia. x 24': mount to ceiling or wall, recommended for fumes.

#PAC-03 - PORTABLE AIR CLEANER. Helps Keep the air you breathe in your shop cleaner! Very quiet operating: 2-stage -fII— ; tration of airborne dust particles. Filters the air in a 17' x 17' x 8: shop every 10 minutes. 235 CFM. Extremely portable (weighs 15 long. Use on benchtop, floor, or 2 yr. manufacturer's warranty. Not $159.95 (plus shipping costs).

#801-70...Complete 2-stage replacement filter kit. Only $19.95 (plus shipping costs).

#MDS-01 - 1/4 HP MOTOR/DS-01 KIT. Complete kit consists ot a 1/4 HP totally enclosed fan cooled motor with mounting base; wiring kit w/instructions and 1 Flex Drum sander kit. #MDS-01 ....3174.95 (+ S/H)



Complete with 1/4 HP motor with wiring kit with instructions (same motor as shown with MDS-01 kit); base; dual arbor; bolt; pulleys; chuck for mounting auxiliary attachments (flex shaft, flap wheel, etc.) and 2 - Flex Drum Sander kits. ,.$294.95 (+ S/H)

s—( excaliburV-\ f v-ca-/ \



*msm MOTOR. This unit comes completely pre-wired. ^SS^j* #|SP Base has rubber pad feet and holes for mounting to

=~Ul" your workbench or stand. 1/4 HP American made

Baldor motor and comes with special washers and nuts to add the versatility ol using a "Wonder Wheel", buffer wheel, wire wheel, etc. #SCK-03....$274.95 (+ S/H)

MaJtes Inside Outs? & \ Sfodfe Clscin«|es HAS^Y! J

Iho tension release for-to release the tension the blade...

...The bottom end of Iho blade lifts up to 2-1/4" above Iho lable top on Ihe EX-30& up to 1-1/4" on the EX-19 ..

EXCALIBUR scroll saws carry a 5-year limited Warranty

Excalibur scroll saws are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for five years. The original purchaser may also arrange for the factory to rebuild the saw (replace all moving parts) and have the saw 'warranty renewed at any time up to five years from date of purchase. SEYCO extends a 30-day performance satisfaction guarantee. You must be satisfied that your EXCALIBUR saw is everything we say it is, or you simply arrange to return the saw to SEYCO for a full refund of the purchase price.

ORDER TOLL FREE 1-800-482-3353 ot visit on the web at

-06 - FITS ALL SCROLL SAWS! SEYCO's collector system for your scroll saw comes complete with the high performance, quiet super-power compact Shop Vac unit; Seyco's new easy-to-mount pick-up attachment; and the three-way plug adapter for your footswitch that allows you to start and stop the vac with your saw! Very small canister (8" dia. x 16") uses powerful 6 AMP motor commonly found on much larger units.

PADDED REPLACEMENT SLEEVES. Each sleeve comes with pad for $4.95 ea. in 4 grits listed. 80, 100,120, 220 grit

(he top arm the blade above workpiece...

to free both hands for guiding your blade and workpiece, by lifting the arm with your foot.

Another EXCALIBUR feature you will enjoy is the precise, straight path ol Ihe blado. NO BLADE WOBBLE!


"FLEX DRUM" SANDER: GET IN FLAT-DRUM SANDER RESULTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Use our amazing "FLEX DRUM" sander shape your INTARSIA projects or any project that calls shaping or a "Rounded Over" effect. Specifically unit clamps to your 1725 RPM 1/2" or 5/8" motor or use the 1/2" adapter shaft to fit your drill press. 2 3/8" diameter X 7" length. Each "FLEX DRUM" kit comes complete with 2 padded sanding sleeves (1 coarse- 80 grit and 1 fine- 120 grit). The padded sanding sleeve simply slides onto the arbor.

#DS-01 Kit - $32.95 Adapter Shaft (1/2" X 2,5") ea.$2.00

...Twist the BOTTOM clamp knob to release the bottom end of the blade...

. Thread DOWN through ; the workpiece into your next inside cut FROM THE TOP : side of yourworkpiece...

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