Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 59

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 59

Step 20. Apply q small amount of glue to the flat section of the head piece and clamp it in the center of the front piece. While the glue is drying, place a few nails into the piece for more stability.

Step 23. Glue the 18mm eyes into the holes you predrilled earlier. Animal eyes may be purchased from any craft supply store.

Step 21. Oops! See: we ail make mistakes. I dropped the reindeer and cracked his antler. Never fear—glue it back together'

Step 24. To protect your reindeer, lightly apply at least two coats of a spray finish such as Deco Art matte sealer finish.


Step 22. Use a

tack cloth or compressed air to remove any sanding debris still left on your planter. Apply Deco Art walnut gel stain to the. planter (wear gloves whenever you stain anything).

Step 25. Here is your finished Reindeer planter!

For questions concerning this project send an SASE fo: Barry Gross, 2 J 89 PMip Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020: or visit us on fhe Web af: Email: 2bgross@prodigy. net

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