Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 65

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 65

Fig. &. Use an oscillating spindle sander or a drill press with a sanding drum on an auxiliary table to ensure a 90° angle on the cut.

Fig. 7. Peburr, or sand the back edges of, the cut piece.

Fig. 6. Make sure your blade is sharp and that It Is "squared up" to the table.

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Fig. 10. The dowels are made with plug cutters.

Fig. 11. You will end up with four distinctive parts of the eye.

Fig. 9. Attach the tracing paper to the second piece of wood and cut it out.

Fig. 14, The tongue is contoured in a sloping manner on both ends.

Fig. 13. The palate of the mouth is made from 5/0" aromatic cedar.

Fig. 12. Use a very small drill bit to produce the hair follicles on the nose,

Fig. 17. Use No. 0000 steel wool to remove any unwanted particles and smooth out the finish. When the finish is dry, buff it out with a piece of old nylon hosiery.

Fig. 16. <5lue the project onto the backer board and hold it in place with spring clamps.

Fig. 15.1 used a high-gloss finish coating on the eyeball.

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