Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 69

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 69




Catba -tec Lathe CT-Lathe-1. Duplicator :(T-:E>up (optional) Lathe'Mandrel Set. PK 100 J Barrel Trimmer Kit. PKL590 Pen Press. PK 10(38 Koa Pen Blank frsl Sliellawax Cream. PK1009 ; Abrasive Rolls, PK1276

Polaris Pea, PK1048 : Polaris Pencil, PK 1049

All of ihe supplier listed above are available from ■ Steebar at: or Penn State Industries at: |, 1-800-377-729

ing. As you will see, not only are the Griffiths prolific designers, they are also incredibly organized!

Why Polaris pens are so popular

This is the most, popular style of writing instrument that we make for selling. The large surface of the pen body-allows a broader, uninterrupted view of the beauty in the wood. One important selling tactic for this pen is to put it in the hand of potential customers and have them write with it. The Polaris is balanced to the pen point and the larger diameter lends itself to a more relaxed writing style

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Fig. 1. This kit requires a few more plunges with the drill in order to clear the flutes and minimize the heat build up.

Fig. 2. Allow the cutter head to clear the wood surface through a series of gentle taps on the blanks.

Fig. 3. Install the mandrel on the lathe.

Fig. 4. With a roughout gouge, begin to round the pen at low speed using a slow straight cut down the length of the pen

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