Popular Woodworking 2000-10 № 117, страница 7

Popular Woodworking 2000-10 № 117, страница 7

Table Bases

STOCKED In a Variety



L.T.D., L.P.

P.O. Box 728, Morristown, TN 37815-0728 Dept. PW 13 _ Phone 423-587-2942 • Fax 423-586-2188 ' www.adamswoodproducts.com

These boards are four feet long and 4" to 8" wide. Most are hardwood. All you need to harvest them is a nail puller, crow bar and hammer. And with a little staining, it can look like mahogany or walnut. And the price is right.

We should all do the best we can with what we have. It will make us better craftsmen.

Alex Ribak Shelburne, Vermont

Yet Another Tip for Preventing Rust on Your Shop Machines

I thought I'd pass along this trick for rust prevention. It's not my idea, but it works. After sanding any bare metal surface with fine sandpaper or steel wool, coat the surface with "Instant Miracle Shine" and let it dry. "Instant Miracle Shine" is a shoe shine kit I buy for $1 at one of those stores where everything is $1. The product contains lemon and mink oil.

I use a lot of pine, poplar and oak in my shop, and so far I've had no problems with finishing my wood. Best dollar I've ever spent.

Jack Burnham Morrice, Michigan

PW Can be Hard to Find Overseas, but Worth it

Popular Woodworking is not a magazine I have read before, probably because of its scarcity at the local newsagent. In fact, I flicked through the January 2000 issue, the last copy available, which was damaged, and saw an article I liked, "Closet Overhaul." I had to hunt around for a couple days to find an intact one. I am halfway through and am impressed. After reading the "Letters" column, I am sorry I missed earlier issues.

Your Caption the Cartoon contest reminds me of a story that a friend of mine tells who is a sales manager for Record Tools. A customer returned a wooden-handled hammer as defective. The handle was sawn clean through and was returned because the customer did not see it under the board he was cutting through. The hammer was replaced because the story was the most original complaint they had ever had.

Mark D. Wood South Africa

Projects for All Tastes and Skills Make a Balanced Magazine

I just received the August 2000 issue. The drop-lid secretary on the cover is absolutely exquisite. It was with interest that I read the article by Troy Sexton about the great deal on the "oak" he got at auction.

When I got to the fifth paragraph: "...I've been a professional cabinetmaker for a long time, ... I've got to tell you that some aspects of this project were a real challenge." I thought, "Oh great. Not even likely I'll ever get to this one." I've been doing woodworking for less than two years. (My Celtic bookshelf was pictured in your letters last September.) Because I am not quite ready to quit my day job as a chiropractor and take up cabinetmaking I was relieved to see a few projects for us aspiring woodworkers. Some of your readers may be inspired to tackle the secretary, but I'm going to tackle the folding plant stand! Thanks for the variety of projects. They are great encouragement and inspiration and sometimes, just great reading!

Dr. Cynthia Williams Grand Terrace, California

Get the 'Wood Handbook' for Free on the Internet

I enjoyed Nick Engler's article "The Way Wood Works," (June 2000) that explains the anisotropic nature of wood. Artisans must be aware that wood is not a homogeneous material.

On the sidebar, "Gotta Have It," you mention the "Wood Handbook" from the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory. This handbook, in addition to being available from the Government Printing Office, is also available free on the web. It is available in a chapter by chapter basis, for either downloading or viewing at http://www.fpl.fs.fed.us/documnts/ FPLGTR/fplgtr113/fplgtr113.htm

By downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view, print and search the documents very easily. PW

Keith Mealy Cincinnati, Ohio Editor's note: If you don't want to type all that in, visit www.popwood.com, click on "Searchable Links" and search for "wood handbook." You'll be there in no time.

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