Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 14

Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 14
Ingenious Jigs

Two Terrific Tools

Making a router plane and a beader is simple using shop scraps and scrap metal.

If you are asking yourself, "Making a what?" don't feel bad. I spent the first half of my woodworking career not even knowing what a router plane or a beader was — and the second half wondering how I did without them.

Simply put, a router plane cuts a groove while a beader shapes an edge. Together, these two simple handle tools do some of the same jobs that a handheld electric router does. And they do them just as accurately with a minimum of set-up time. In some applications, they are more capable and versatile than a router. And best of all, they won't cost diddly. You can make them in a few hours from scraps.

The Beader

A beader is a small scraper plane. But instead of scraping a flat surface, it scrapes a profile. Because it scrapes away such a small amount of stock with each pass, you don't have to worry about chipping or tear-out. Nor do you need to sand the shapes afterwards to remove millmarks. You can scrape smooth profiles in highly figured wood, if need be. You also can cut much smaller profiles and a greater variety of them than you can with a router. You can make a

4 3/4"

scraper blade from a worn-out hacksaw blade and file whatever shape you wish to make.

Create the body of the beader from a scrap of hardwood. Bevel the front edge at 10°, then cut dadoes in the front and bottom faces. Rough out the shape of the body

by making a compound cut on a band saw. To do this, first trace both the top and front patterns of the body on the wood. Cut the top pattern first, then tape the waste back to the body. Cut the front pat-


4 3/4"








1 square = 1/4"


3 1/2"

1 square = 1/4"


3 1/2"

Top View

9/64" diameter x 5/8" deep holes

12 3/4"

3/16\ 5/8"

1/8" deep dado for scraper blade


#10 x 1" panhead screw and flat washer (2 sets required)

1 7/8"


#8 x 3/4" round head wood screw and flat washer (2 sets required)

Front View


Garrett Wade

800-221-2942, garrettwade.com

Router plane irons:

'/2" blade,item # 23P07.04,$13.25

'/4" blade,item # 23P07.03,$13.25

Beader blades: 5 scratch stock blanks, item # 25K0I.02, $7 8 cutters, pre-shaped, item # 25K0I.03, $40

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