Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 12

Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 12

Craftsman Offers the First Corded Drill with Cordless Drill Features

Not too long ago it seemed the corded drill was becoming obsolete thanks to the amazing array of cordless drills becoming available. Corded was only necessary for big-time torque and unlimited run-time. One black eye for corded drills was that cordless drills had features you couldn't get on the tools needing an outlet, such as a clutch and a two-speed gear box. Craftsman got smart and has introduced a corded drill that is the best of both worlds. The new 27994 3/8" drill offers a 5.5-amp motor that provides a torque range from 150 to 700 in./lbs. It also offers a two-speed gear box, a 24-position adjustable clutch and a single-sleeve keyless chuck. Add a 10' rubber cord, plastic carrying case, 360° auxiliary handle and a 30-piece bit set for $100 and you've got a

nice package at a good price. Initially we were surprised a drill this size had a 3/8" chuck and not a 1/2n, but when we put the drill through its paces we didn't find it lacking in any way (except when we wanted to chuck up a ^"-shanked bit). The mid-handle design and overmolded soft grip made it comfortable to use. The auxiliary handle is convenient, but isn't honestly designed for abuse. While 24 positions on any clutch is more than you need, having a multi-position clutch is very handy. Even more useful is the two-speed gear box. Even the bit set components (drill bits, screw tips, magnetic holder, spade bits and nut drivers) were a pleasant surprise. While not of the highest quality, they'll certainly get used and are welcome extras.

—David Thiel

Bosch RAI200 RouterTable Offers Stationary Features in a Portable Unit

We've debated the value of buying a router table versus making your own a number of times. Making your own is the most economical decision, but there are still a number of manufactured models that deserve a look. The RAI 200 from Bosch is a portable table that provides a stable, tabletop-height work surface. The fold-up legs lock firmly into place, and one leg sports an adjustable foot to level out the table quickly. The 24" x 44" tabletop is one of the largest available, offering plenty of room to maneuver and support work. The mounting plate is located toward the rear of the table (which is where it should be) rather than in the center. The insert itself is sturdy, easily adjusts flush to the tabletop and has snap-in rings to quickly change the throat size for safety. The fence is machined cast aluminum with plywood faces and a 21/2n dust collection port. The fence is of an adequate height for most tasks and we found it to be square to the table and easy to adjust. The fence also has a built-in mechanism above the opening with an attached fingerboard and finger guard. The mechanism looks over-complicated and takes a few minutes to set up, but once in place it is fairly easy to use and very versatile in positioning. Another feature we like is the power switch mounted to the front of the table that keeps you from fumbling under the table to turn on the router. There is also a slotted aluminum T-track mounted in the table to mount another fingerboard or a miter gauge. All in all Bosch thought of a lot of things to make this a useful router table. We have only two gripes. For a portable model, this thing is still pretty darn heavy and could use a set of wheels. Also while it's got lots of nice features, its $350 price tag makes us think again about the economy of making our own table.

— David Thiel

SPECIFICATIONS: Craftsman #27994 3/a" Drill Street price: $99.99 Motor: 5.5 amp Torque: 150 to 700 in./lbs. Speeds: 0-400/0-!,400 rpm Chuck: 3/8",24-position clutch

Performance: ••••O Value: ••••O

Sears stores are located in most cities. Or visit www.craftsman.com

For more information, circle #145 on the Resource Directory Coupon.


Bosch RAI200 Router Table

Street price: $350 Table: ! !/V' x 24" x 44", MDF/laminate Fence: 3!/4" x 30", birch ply/aluminum Insert: Rousseau-style, 2 insert rings Weight: 76 lbs.

Performance: ••••O Value: •••©©

Bosch: 877-267-2499, or www.bosch.com

For more information, circle #146 on the Resource Directory Coupon.

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