Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 54

Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 54


shell lid, be careful that it does not penetrate the top. Mine did. I commented to myself on my carelessness, backed the screw off, and pushed the wood fibers back into place. The turtle didn't seem to mind.

P.S. All of the routing and cutting operations described in this article can be accomplished on a table saw with the assistance of jigs. Since the angled surfaces of the plowed valleys are 3/4", a 13/16" stack dado, set at 30°, will form one side of the valley. Reversing the direction of cut will complete the valley. I'm sure the jig masters out there will find this a worthy challenge. PW

101/4" 5 1/4"

Overall Plan

10 1/4"

A little sanding between coats produces a nice finish.Also, note how the feet are attached to the underside of the base.

Box Plnn

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