Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 20

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 20

Tool Test

The Newest and Best Sanders from Makita

We've rated Makita's B05010 palm grip random orbit sander our favorite model for a couple years now, so when company officials said they had a couple of new random-orbit models, we were all ears. We weren't disappointed. Both the new in-line BO6030 and the right-angle BO6040 are impressive sanding tools.

The in-line BO6030 is designed as a fine finishing sander and performs well in that role. The 6" pad provides superior performance on larger surfaces, while the variable-speed control offers easily adjusted sanding aggressiveness.

The sander has low vibration during use and is remarkably quiet. The two-handle design with rubberized rear handle dampens vibration even further and makes the sander comfortable to use for long stretches. Though quiet, the 2.7-amp motor provides ample power to remove material at a moderate pace.

Dust is collected through the pad and trapped in a standard cloth dust bag, or the sander can be hooked directly to a vacuum for improved collection.

The larger right-angle BO6040 is another animal altogether. Where the 6030 seems a very refined but capable sander, the 6040 is an aggressive and powerful industrial-feeling tool with the highest amperage rating in its class (though it is still a quiet tool). Also with a 6" pad, the sander operates at a lower orbits-per-minute than the 6030, but it offers two operating modes. In the random-orbit mode the sander operates as a fine finishing sander. When switched (either on the fly, or while stopped) to the "random orbit with rotation mode," the tool steps down the pad speed to between 180 and 670 rpm and the sander removes material very aggressively. It also can be used for polishing

in this mode.

As with the 6030, the ergonomic design of the housing makes it pleasant to use and the tool has a rubberized palm grip for comfort. An optional side handle is available.

Dust collection on this unit is also through the pad. With both of these 6" units Makita has relocated the collection holes in the pad more toward the edges of the pad, where most of the dust is created. This proves to be a good strategy, though you need to buy new Makita sanding discs to take full advantage of the redesign. The pads do include a second set of six holes toward the center of the pad for other manufacturers' sandpaper.

On the 6040, the through-the-pad dust collection is designed to be used with a vacuum, and this system proved effective. Unfortunately, the sander is not sold with the dust collection connections and we had to use



Makita B06030/B06040

Street price: $180/$370 Motor: 2.7amp/6.6amp OPM: 4K-10K/1.6K-5.8K Orbit diameter: 1/8"/7/b2 " Weight: 5.1 lbs./5.9 lbs. Pad size: 676" Decibels @3': 88-90/89-98 Performance: B06030 ••••◦ BO6040MMO Value: B06030 ••••◦ B06040 ••••◦ Makita: 800-4-MAKITA, or www.makitatools.com

duct tape to hook up our vacuum for testing.

Both of these sanders are a pleasure to use and are strong performers. We would prefer that the right-angle model come complete with the dust collection attachments and the handle, though. In particular we found the BO6040 to be a powerful and impressive tool, and though priced higher than some right-angle models, it's not out of line for the sanding performance you get.

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