Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 21

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 21

New DeWalt Brad Nailer Mixes Features with Style

DeWalt has branched into the world of air tools with a new line of compressors from Emglo and a full set of nail guns. We tested the D51238K 18-gauge brad nailer and were impressed with the tool's details. First off, it comes with cool safety glasses. OK, get over that and let's look at the tool. The skin is smartly designed with a moderate-weight, all-aluminum body and a glass-filled nylon magazine. There's an overmolded rubber grip for comfort. Out of the box, the nailer is set up for "bump-firing," which means that with the trigger depressed, the gun will fire every time the nose is pressed to your work. The tool comes with a sequential-fire trigger that is fairly easy to install.

We really like the depth-of-drive adjustment, which operates by pressing a release button and sliding a lever to another notch. It's the easiest depth adjustment we've seen, and there's even a scale so you'll always know where you are. Other features include an adjustable exhaust, visible reload indicator, tool-free nose door for clearing jams and a rear-mounted nose safety for better viewing and easier access to corners. DeWalt has entered the race with a good tool with smart options.

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Delta Offers the First Two-Speed Benchtop Planer

After reviewing all the benchtop planers a few issues ago we thought we'd seen everything in this category. Then Delta surprised us by showing us the new 22-580 13", two-speed planer/finisher. Delta calls it a planer/finisher because officials say the slower feed speed offers a planed surface that is near finished quality. I still think I'll do a little sanding, but it is a nice surface. Along with the obvious advantage of an improved surface finish offered by the slower speed and increased number of cuts-per-inch, the 22-580 has all the finer features available on today's new planers: a head lock for reduced snipe, a full-range depth stop across the entire height range, a zero indicator for setting the planer up for the first pass and a well-located and eas- gj ^^^^^ ily read material removal scale.

The 22-580 also makes blade changes a snap, with removable upper covers for easy access, on-board tools and locating pins for adjustment-free installation. This is a well-equipped and versatile planer that is priced a little high, but offers a lot for the money. PW

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DeWalt D51238K

Street price: $145 Brad sizes: 18 gauge, 5/8" - 2" Magazine capacity: 110 brads Trigger style: Bump or sequential Weight: 2.8 lbs. Performance: ••••◦ Value: ••◦◦◦ DeWalt: 800-4DeWalt, or www.dewalt.com


Delta 22-580

Street price: $450

Max material width: 13"

Table size: 13" x 35"

Weight: 97 lbs.

Blades: two double-edged

disposable, .062" x V2"

Feed rates: slow speed gives 90

cuts per inch at 14.8 feet per

minute; fast speed gives 60 cuts per

inch at 22.4 feet per minute

dB no load/load: 92/96

Amps, no load: 7.3

Amps, load: 8.3

RPM, no load: 9,766

RPM, load (fast/slow): 6,734/7,181 Lateral blade adjustment: Vs"

Performance: •••••

Value: •••OO


800-438-2486, www.deltawoodwork-ing.com

In the world of marking wood, a cutting gauge beats the pants off a marking gauge everyday. Instead of scratching the wood with a pin, the gauge's wheel slices your mark and is less likely to follow the grain. Glen-Drake Toolworks has now vastly improved on standard cutting gauge designs and made the tool easier to adjust and use.

The Tite-Mark gauge has two spring-loaded locking knobs instead of one.The rearmost knob locks the head where you want it. Then you fine tune your setting by turning the knurled barrel and lock that setting in with the front knob.All these operations can be done with one hand. This well-manufactured tool surpassed every expectation. Of course, quality has a price.The Tite-Mark costs $79 plus shipping.

For information on ordering, phone 707-9611569 or visit www.glen-drake.com. The Tite-Mark is also available from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks 800327-2520.

Arrow Brad Nailers

In our 2002 Tool Buying Guide we offered information and advice on buying 18-gauge brad nailers. But we were being a little myopic, thinking only in terms of pneumatic brad nailers. So to correct that oversight we're happy to include information here about two electric 18-gauge brad nailers from Arrow.The ET100 is a 10-amp tool firing three nail sizes (5/s",3/4" and 1") priced at around $40. The ET125 (shown) is a 14-amp tool firing four nail ^^^ sizes (5/8",3/4",1" / ■ ' and 1V4") priced at / around $115. Features on both tools include non-slip cushioned grips, solid state circuitry and both a trigger and nose safety. For information visit www.arrow fastener.com.

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