Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 50

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 50


48" O.A.

1 1/2"

37" spreader



: t


i „ i « w


Table 1

48" O.A.

... 1 1/2"


37" shelf

Table 2


2 1/4"

1 1/2 3/8



r_n 1111


14" f

3 3/4"

cuts. To finish the tenons I band saw off most of the waste from the cheek cut. I then set the table saw fence to establish the final length of the tenon. With the stock on its side and guided by a slot miter gauge, trim the remainder of the cheek waste. Then turn the part to the other side and make the shoulder cut.

In this project, since there weren't a lot of tenons, I just made a series of passes over the rest of the shoulder to cut away the waste. Otherwise, I would have set up a dado stack to do the work more quickly.

Before you make the final shapes on the top rails and feet, lay out and drill for the pair of

When gluing up, assemble the ends first and let them dry before completing the table base assembly by gluing the stretchers to the ends.


Popular Woodworking February 2002

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