Popular Woodworking 2003-08 № 135, страница 25

Popular Woodworking 2003-08 № 135, страница 25

Glu-Bot - They Built a Better Mousetrap!

I've always used mustard containers as glue bottles, but all my bright yellow bottles are going in the trash thanks to Glu-Bot.

Glu-Bot is a spill-proof, drip-proof, vertical application glue bottle with amazing precision. By forcing the glue from the bottom of the storage chamber into the spout, you can control your glue line precisely by applying a little pressure on the bottle's sides. With two tips (a blade tip and fine-line tip) you can lay down an exact amount of glue vertically and horizontally. The vacuum action pulls glue away from the tip after use to keep the spout clear of dried glue. The only thing we're worried about is losing the second tip. Glu-Bot belongs on every workbench. — DT

For more information, circle #148 on Free Information Card.

Norton 3X Sandpaper

Norton's 3X sandpaper is so-named because Norton says it sands three times faster and lasts three times longer than other sandpapers. We cannot say if it's three times better, but the 3X is definitely an im-provement.The fiber-reinforced backing feels more like cloth than paper. It is resistant to cracking and tearing, which makes the paper last longer and allows you to fold it to get into mouldings. Longer life isn't important without longer cutting ability. The P-graded abrasive grain clearly retains its edge significantly longer than conventional abrasives, and the stearate coating keeps the paper from clogging, again improving the use-time per sheet. Sold in packs of 20 sheets at a competitive price, we're switching to 3X in our shop. — DT

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Glu-Bot & Babe-Bot

Street price: $6 for 16 oz.

$4 for 4 oz. Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$$$

FastCap: 888-443-3748 or www.fastcap.com


Norton 3X Sandpaper Street price: $10 - $18 for 20

Grits: Available in nine grits ranging from 60 to 400 Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$$$

Norton Abrasives: 800-5514415 or nortonabrasives.com

Penn State Overarm Guard

We've long recommended table saw guards, but have always hated the necessary expense to put a good (non-intrusive and easy-to-use) guard on a saw. We're happy to let you know that Penn State has made safety more affordable - $ 100 less than the nearest competitor. The TS Guard offers a one-piece shatterproof hood that makes the blade completely visible to the operator. The guard also includes through-the-boom dust collection (with a 4" connector), and it is large enough to handle blades up to 16" in diameter and beveled to 45°. The guard can be attached to any saw's right-side extension table, or it can be ceiling-mounted. The dust collection works well, the operator has a clear view of the cut and the entire boom swings out of the way when necessary for taller cuts. Safety is now more affordable for all woodworkers. PW — DT

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Penn State TS Guard Street price: $200 Boom length: up to 83" Weight: 48 lbs. Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$$$ Penn State: 800-377-7297 or pennstateind.com


Jet's caster set for cabinet-style machines is the first mobile base that I've enjoyed installing. Rather than the common base design that is an adjustable frame with wheels, the caster set (designed by former woodworking editor Bill LaHay) quickly mounts to the lip of almost any closed base.

The casters use an adjustable clamping bracket (shaped to fit either a flat or lipped cabinet edge) to tighten against the base side. A magnetic pad on the vertical face of the caster holds the bracket in place while you tighten the two cap screws. Installation requires slightly elevating one side of the machine at a time.

The assembly was quick, simple and the results are excellent at a substantial savings compared to other mobile bases. Offered in both four-locking swivel (JMB-CTR 4, $59) or two locking swivel, two locking fixed caster sets (JMB-CTR2, $49) (both rated at 600 lbs. capacity), you can decide how much mobility your machine needs.

For machines with a small footprint, both sets extend the stance of the machine a bit. When mounting the casters on a floor-model mortising machine, I was concerned about making the machine unstable, but the wider footprint actually improved the stability, adding only 1" in height. The sets are available from Amazon.com and Woodworker's Warehouse (800-877-7899 or www. woodworkerswarehouse.com). — DT Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$$$


Performance is rated on a one-to-five scale.You won't see a low rating ("one" or "two") because we don't publicize inferior tools. "Five" indicates the leader in the category. Five dollar signs indicates highest price in the category. Three indicates an average price. If you have tool questions, call me at 513-531-2690 ext. 1 255 or e-mail me at david.thiel@ fwpubs.com. Or visit our website at popwood.com to sign up for our free, e-mail newsletter.

— David Thiel, senior editor

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