Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 27

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 27

What was your first time like?

When was the first time you cut a perfectly straight, clean cut with a circular saw, without getting bogged down with clamping or improvised jigs?

Many of our users say that the Festool ATF 55 Plunge Saw is the first one that lets them cut straight, clean lines right out of the box. It comes complete with our multipurpose Guide Rail. Simply align the Guide Rail, place the saw on it, and cut. The Guide Rail stays put without clamping or taping, and it won't mar the surface. An integrated chip guard gives a clean cut edge. The blade moves flush against the Guide Rail edge, so all you so is line it up and go.

A host of ergonomic and safety features make the ATF 55 easy to work with. The blade stays covered, and an extraction port lets you connect a dust extractor for a clean worksite.

It all means you can saw better, straighter and cleaner -first time and every time. See for yourself. Call us or go online to find your nearest Festool dealer.

Hook up to the system with our CT Dust Extractors


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