Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 28

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 28

A Knob-drying Rack

I needed to come up with a way to easily stain wooden knobs and set them aside to dry, so I came up with the rack you see here. It's nothing more than a piece of ^V'-thick plywood attached to two vertical uprights that are screwed to a base. To hang the knobs, I cut a series of slots in the plywood to hold the knobs by pan-head screws driven into them. To stain each knob, I dip it in the stain while holding it by the screw head. After wiping it, I hang it on the rack to dry.

Zachary Swope Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

V4" plywood top is screwed into uprights

Thread pan-head screw into hole in knob

Holding Brads -Here's the Catch

I have big, fat fingers that make it difficult to hold small brads for hammering. I've tried various methods for holding the brads, including needle-nose pliers or apiece of cardboard, which pulls away before driving the brad home. None were convenient.

Recently, I was digging through my collection of cabinet catches and came across a broken magnetic catch - the type that has a rectangular, flat magnet sandwiched between two metal plates. I noticed that the corners of the magnet were notched, and I

Remove magnet from cabinet catch

File a notch if one doesn't exist

found that placing a brad in the corner of the notch holds it upright for those first few hammer blows. If you can't find a similar catch to disassemble, you simply can file a notch into any flat, thick magnet.

Neal Mesmer Boise, Idaho

Centering Solid-wood Panels

When fitting solid-wood panels into their frames, it's important to allow room for the panel to expand and contract. The problem is that a loose-fitting panel can rattle around in the frame. To prevent this and to keep the panel centered, I install foam weather stripping in the grooves.

Available at most home centers, I use the -thick material with a sticky back. Cut strips of an appropriate width into short lengths and place them into the stile grooves with the adhesive side against the groove's bottom.

Robert Barron Madison, Alabama continued on page 28

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