Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 30

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 30

Tricks of the Trade

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A Hinge-drilling Template

When installing surface-mount hinges on cabinet doors, I've found that I can increase accuracy and efficiency by using a shop-made template to drill the holes. I make the

Place hinge on top of block and mark location of screw holes

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3d nail projects into the gap to center the jig

template from 3/4"-thick plywood that I've cut to the exact length and width of the open hinge. Laying the hinge on the template, I mark the location of the screw holes, then drill appropriately sized pilot holes through them using a drill press. I also lay out two holes along the vertical centerline of the template, then drill them to snugly accept two 3d finish nails.

To use the template, I first fit my door into its opening, shimming around the perimeter with cardboard shims to create a gap all around the door. I then position the template at each of the hinge locations with the centerline 3d nails projecting into the gap to align the template. All that's left to do is to drill the hinge holes through the template into the cabinet and door. It works perfectly every time.

Roger Amrol Columbia, South Carolina

Wrenches as Calipers

When turning parts for chairs and other furniture, I often have to turn tenons on the ends of spindles. Rather than setting up a caliper for each size of tenon, I raid my mechanics tool box and find the appropriate size open-end wrench to use as a gauge. PW

Sam Gribbly Catskill, New York

3/4" plywood block is the exact width and length of open hinge

Use shims to maintain a consistent gap

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