Popular Woodworking 2004-10 № 143, страница 16

Popular Woodworking 2004-10 № 143, страница 16






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Gorilla Glue is the versatile, interior/exterior adhesive ideal for most household fixes and building projects: furniture repair, crafts, woodworking, and general repairs around the house. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic & more! Incredibly strong and 100% waterproof.


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Q & A

How to Fix a Square That Isn't Square


V8" acrylic

Holes are V64" larger than holes in wood to allow adjustment

How do I Obtain an Accurate Framing Square for Woodworking?

Occasionally the directions for a project or jig will call for the use of a framing square to establish the location of a component in the project. I own four framing squares, none of which, in my opinion, is accurate enough for this application, and I have never seen one that is. Do you have a solution, alternate tool or know of anyone who sells a framing square that is accurate?

William Rector Canton, Michigan

Essentially you're trying to do a cabinetmaker's job with a carpenter's tool. But there are several good solutions to the problem you're having.

1. If you already have a framing square, you can true it using a nail set and a hammer. First

Nail set

To increase angle of square, strike here


To decrease angle of square, strike here

Popular Woodworking October 2004

Machine screws

3/4" Baltic birch

figure out if the framing square is measuring less than 90° or more than 90°. Now place the square flat on your bench and turn your attention to the corner where the two legs of the square intersect. If the square is measuring less than 90°, place the tip of your nail set near the inside corner of the square, about ^4 " in from that inside corner. Strike the nail set once with a hammer and check your result. A couple taps at this location can usually fix the problem.

If the square is measuring more than 90°, place the nail set at the outside corner, about 14" in and strike it. This will reduce the angle the square measures at.

2. If that solution doesn't suit you, another fix is to purchase a Veritas Square Fence. This $15 jig clamps to your square and allows you to do two things. By shimming it on one leg of the framing square, you can correct the other leg. The jig also is very handy because it adds a lip to your square that allows you to hook it on your work, vastly increasing the accuracy of any framing square. (Contact Lee Valley at 800-871-8158 or leevalley.com.)

3. If you don't own aframing square, the best solution to the problem is to make one yourself to whatever length you desire. I like squares that

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