Popular Woodworking 2004-10 № 143, страница 34

Popular Woodworking 2004-10 № 143, страница 34

Tool Test

Craftsman's New Hybrid Table Saws

Hybrid is in. Manufacturers are working hard to offer the features of a cabinet saw at a contractor saw price, and Craftsman is right in the middle of it with three new table saws: two three-quarter enclosed base (#22104 and #22114) with varying features and one fully enclosed base model tagged as a "professional"

saw (#22124).

These new saws offer an interior-mounted, belt-drive induction motor, cast-iron tables and precision T-style rip fences. That's similar to what other hybrid saws also are offering, but Craftsman has a few new tricks that allow these saws to stand out in the crowd.

While most contractor (and hybrid) saws mount the trunnions to the underside of the top, cabinet saws always have the trunnion system mounted on the cabinet for greater stability and easier adjustment. All of the Craftsman hybrid systems are cabinet-mounted and offer beefed-up, oversized cast-iron trunnion assemblies - very nice.

The motors are suspended inside the enclosed cabinets, improving dust collection, and decreasing noise and required storage space. The motors are TEFC induction motors (1V2 hp or 13/4 hp) and power is transferred to the blade with a good quality poly V-belt for less vibration and good torque.

Both the entry-level (#22104, $530) and the mid-level hybrid (#22114) saws have 1^2-hp motors and are left-tilt saws. The entry-level model includes stamped-steel wings, and the basics. The mid-level model (which we tested) also includes 10" cast-iron wings, an improved miter gauge, auxiliary rip fence and a dust chute with a 4" port. The prof essional model ($950) includes afully enclosed cabinet, 12" cast-iron wings, l3/4-hpmotorand a Biesemeyer rip fence.

Contractor saws range in price from $500 to $850, and hybrid saws routinely run $850 and much higher. So in testing the $650, #22114 saw we were expecting some compromises. We didn't find any.

The saw performed well during operations, was solid, accurate and well manufactured. The blade guard is designed for easy on-and-off operation promising more routine use. The T-square fence is a hybrid itself, offering good features (fully adjustable, two-sided operation and an extendable auxiliary fence) that borrow from both the Biesemeyer and the Delta Unifence designs.

Our only quibble was with Craftsman's need to mount the fence rails so far to the left.


Craftsman #22114 Table Saw

Street price: $650

Motor: 11/2 hp, 7.5 amp, left tilt

Table: 27" x 40", cast iron

Fence: Front-locking, T-style

Weight: 385 lbs.

Performance: ••••O

Price range: $$$$$

Craftsman: 800-377-7414 or sears.com

While this offers good left-of-blade capacity, we don't feel it's necessary on a left-tilt saw.

Overall, this was the first hybrid saw that felt like a real hybrid saw and it's priced very well for the quality offered. — DT

For more information, circle #181 on Free Information Card.

Sjoberg Benchtops - One Less Thing to Build

Every woodworker needs a workbench. Building one can be a very involved project that highlights the woodworker's skills, or it can be a quick-and-dirty 2 x 4 version that's destined to be "upgraded" some day. If you're stuck with caviar tastes but a tuna budget for time, consider adding a manufactured workbench top to a simple base.

Sjoberg offers three different benchtops through Woodcraft. Each top is made using laminated, kiln-dried birch, and offers front and tail vises. It's also drilled every 33/4" for bench dogs (four sturdy plastic-coated dogs are included) and a holdfast for securing irregular items. And they even include the hardware to build your own base to save you another trip to the hardware store.

The benchtops are available in three lengths (all are 193/4"- wide): 47" (49 lbs.), 58V2" (53 lbs.) and 66V2" (60 lbs.). The slabs

aren't the same thickness through the entire width of the top; they have built up edges that are 23/4" x 1V2"-wide at front and back, with a center thickness of 1V8".

We found the 66V2" top to be a sturdy, well-made slab. The vises are adequate for most tasks, but aren't heirloom quality. While I was initially concerned about the thinner center with built-up edges, this didn't seem to limit the top's performance in any way. The width was narrower than was my preference, but some woodworkers prefer the narrower top. These are good, well-made benchtops, but slightly more expensive than I thought was appropriate. — DT For more information, circle #182 on Free Information Card.


Sjoberg Bench Tops Street price: #124821, 47"-$270

#124822, 581/2'


#124823, 66V2'


Performance: •••OO

Price range: $$$$$

Woodcraft: 800-225-1153

or woodcraft.com


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