Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 22

Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 22

Tricks of the Trade

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Open-end Thickness Gauge

There are lots of rules and calipers to accurately gauge material thickness, but rather than fumble to read the scale I came up with a quick way to determine stock thickness when planing. By using a set of inexpensive open-end wrenches you can easily (and accurately) gauge the finished thickness of your wood. Just plane and measure as the wood comes out. You will always have accurate and consistent measurements. And if you prefer to work in the metric system, that's an easy switch to a different set of wrenches.

Gus Andrews Maple, Ontario

Clean-edged Masking

Almost immediately after removing the protective wrapping from a new roll of masking tape, the sides begin to collect all kinds of dust, hair, etc., which can adversely affect any attempt at a crisp and clean paint or finish line - even if it doesn't take an errant trip to the workshop floor. A quick and easy way to remove this debris is to take a short piece of the same tape right off the roll and stroke the sides with it - sticky side down, of course. The roll of tape will be again as clean as it was when you first opened it.

Dave Bolash Easton, Pennsylvania

Closing the Gates

I use plastic blast gates in my dust collection system and have found that, after a short while, the slot that the gate slides in plugs up with dust, preventing

it from closing totally. I have a half dozen gates in my system, so when all of them are partially open, the efficiency of the system is seriously undermined. I tried various fixes, including wiring the gates shut, but that proved to be a real nuisance.

I finally fixed the problem by cutting away a bit of each corner on the gate housing opposite the slot opening. This gives the dust in the slot an exit and allows the gate to close properly. I cut the opening on the far side of the gate so that a small amount of air being drawn in assists in cleaning the slide. This simple solution has worked well for the past seven years.

Barry Black Alberta, Canada continued on page 22

Remove each corner of the gate housing opposite the slot opening

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