Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 11

Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 11

Quick and Easy Drill Guide

Occasionally I need to drill a hole into the end of a rail or other workpiece using the drill press. I've found that a metal shelf bracket makes a handy support, keeping the workpiece square to the table and in line with the drill bit. I simply clamp the bracket to the drill press table, then clamp the workpiece to the bracket. I keep various sized brackets on hand to accommodate workpieces of different lengths.

Bob Kelland St. Johns, Newfoundland

Biscuits Please, But Hold the Glue

When using biscuits as an alignment aid for edge-joining solid-wood boards, I save quite a bit of time by not bothering to apply glue to the slots or biscuits. In this case, gluing the biscuits isn't necessary because properly jointed solid-wood edges don't need reinforcement, and using biscuits for this can actually cause problem s. A board that has been sanded or planed before the glue has cured entirely can result in biscuit-shaped depressions later when the water from the glue evaporates, causing the wood to shrink in that area. PW

Bill Newcomer Saranac Lake, New York



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