Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 13

Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 13

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Ryobi cordless Sander

Random-orbit sanders are a staple for woodworking. Having a sander that's cordless can be better in certain situations. The 18-volt Ryobi P410 is not the tool for everyday use, but it's perfect for any time you need to make a quick sanding swipe - or two - to bring your work back from disastrous nick, scratch or gouge.

Being able to sand without having to unwind and struggle with an electric cord or drag out the extension cord or air hose increases shop production. Having this sander on the job makes work easier.

At just under five pounds with a grip girth of 9V4" this sander is large. It will fill your hand unless you have huge paws.

Although it appears top heavy, the Ryobi P410 is well balanced and easy to use. At 10,000 orbits per minute the sander is slower than electric or air-powered tools; to compensate, the orbit diameter is less aggressive.

The 5" hook-and-loop pad accepts most eight-hole sanding discs.

— GH

For more information, circle # 155 on Free information Card.


18v Random-Orbit Sander Street price: $40 Weight: 4 lbs. 11.7 oz. Girth at grip: 9V4" Replacement battery: $40 for two Performance: •••OO Price range: $$

Ryobi: 800-525-2579 or ryobitools.com

Zona: The Best $9 Backsaw

Sometimes the laws of time, space and economics get bent. And in the case of this Zona-brand saw, sometimes the laws get broken.

The Zona is a 24 tpi backsaw with a 61/2"-long blade, 13/4" maximum depth of cut, and a straight handle with a shiny finish. The teeth are filed rip and cut on the pull stroke. Here is the kicker: The saw costs only $8.95 but it cuts like a much more expensive tool.

Designed for model makers, the saw cuts slowly, which is to be expected, but the surface finish left behind is so clean that it shone like it had been planed. And when used in white oak (a difficult ring-porous wood for fine saws) the saw excelled.

The Zona saw is great for detail work, such as trimming stringing, inlay and banding. I've also used it to cut dowels, define the limits of a hinge mortise and rip wedges before driving them into a joint. One last surprise: The saws


Zona Razor Saw Street price: $9 Overall length: 12" Sawplate: .01" thick Performance: ••••O Price range: $

Zona Tool: 203-792-8622 or zonatool.com

are made in Bethel, Conn. So sometimes you do get more than what you pay for.

— Christopher Schwarz For more information, circle # 156 on Free information Card.

lie-nielsen router

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is now making a small hand router based (loosely) on the Stanley No. 271, but with some nice curves. Search on "Lie-Nielsen." — CS


i bet you've seen the Hoverpad. it's a hard-plastic, furturistic-looking, air-assisted, bladder-swelling mobile base that can move large tools around your shop effortlessly. How does it work? Do you need one in your shop? How is it priced versus available mobile bases? Search on "Hoverpad."

— GH

pc compact sander

This lightweight belt sander (only five pounds) is a great tool for small sanding jobs, and the two flush sides allowed me to sand all the way into the corner of a 90° angle. Plus, the rubber grip fit comfortably and securely in my small hand.

My one complaint? No dust collection bag - just a hose port. if i have a large enough sanding job to need my vacuum, i'm likely to pull out my larger sander, too. Search on "371K." — Megan Fitzpatrick

tool ratings

Performance is rated on a one-to-five scale. You won't see a low rating ("one or two") because we don't publicize inferior tools. "Five" indicates the leader in the category. Five dollar signs indicates highest price in the category. Three indicates an average price. if you have tool questions, call me at 513531 -2690 ext. 1407, or e-mail me at chris. schwarz@fwpubs.com. Or visit our web site at popularwoodworking.com to sign up for our free e-mail newsletter.

— Christopher Schwarz, editor



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