Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 3

Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 3

projects, tools and techniques

34 Sugar Chest

An impressive run of through dovetails dresses up this 19th-century Southern charmer - a project sweet enough for almost any room. by Glen D. Huey

41 Rules for Workbenches


It doesn't matter how your bench looks; what's important is how it works. These 10 rules will help you pick the best bench for your style of work (or fix the problems of your existing bench). by Christopher Schwarz

57 Two-Base Router Kits

A woodworking professional tests nine models in his shop, then weighs in on his favorites. by Troy Sexton

64 Old-school Veneering

Traditional veneering with a veneer hammer and hot hide glue isn't as tricky as you might think. These expert tips will show you how. by Mario Rodriguez

70 handplanes for Beginners

Planes are among the most useful hand tools a woodworker can own - if used properly. Here, you'll get an expert introduction to this indispensable tool. by Michael Dunbar

78 Antique Finish

June 2007

Discover how to add centuries of age to your projects in just a few hours, with simple and safe steps (no gas torch required). by Troy Sexton

Classic designs such as this English-style workbench can help you easily hold almost any workpiece for any task, with a minimum of fuss. Plus, a proper bench will add speed and satisfaction to your shop time.

Cover photo by Al Parrish



Out on a Limb

Sam Maloof's




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Out of the


Quest for the Holy Tail

by Dick Mallard


Popular Woodworking

June 2007

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