Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2007-06 № 162, страница 4



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Enter to Win a PM2000 Table Saw from Powermatic

Enter to win a Powermatic PM2000 table saw, just for answering a few questions at popularwoodworking.com.

This cabinet saw garnered a2006 Popular Woodworking "Best New Tool" award. We were particularly impressed by the machine's

riving knife (a splitter that moves with the arbor). A riving knife allows you to work safely without getting in the way of your work when making through-cuts.

It also has an integrated caster system that allows you to move the saw at a moment's notice - another great feature for many home shops.

In addition, the PM2000 comes with a nice oversized table, a smooth-sliding T-square-style rip fence and more.

You can read all about the Powermatic PM2000 on our web site, then enter for a chance to win - but hurry - this contest ends May 31.

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