Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 4


Video Gallery

Editor vs. Editor On Hybrid Table Saws

The hybrid table saw test from the November 2007 issue generated a lot of discussion amongst the editors. We've captured the highlights on video so you can see what features appealed to who, and why. popularwoodworking.com/video


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On the Blogs PW Shop Projects

Senior Editor Glen D. Huey built the Shaker Workbench in this issue (page 62) - but would Shaker craftsman Freegift Wells approve? Glen discusses his design process and decisions. popularwoodworking.com/blogs

New This Month: Weaving a Shaker-Tape Chair Seat "I Can Do That" Extras

This month's Mission chair project in the I Can Do That column is from our brand-new I Can Do That project book (from Popular Woodworking Books). We didn't have room to explain how to weave the chair's seat, so we've posted step-by-step instructions and suppliers for you online.


Poppy Table Extras

Senior Editor Robert W. Lang has posted a lot of thoughts on our blog about his building process for this Gustav Stickley piece. Plus, he drew up full-size project plans that you can download (for a small fee) and print for your shop. popularwoodworking.com/dec07

Project Plans Lost Stickley Side Table

If you like the Poppy Table in this issue, check out the free plans for a Gustav Stickley side table that's a bit of a mystery. The table showed up in a modern auction recently. After building it, we think we know why the attractive table never appeared in the company's catalog. popularwoodworking.com/projectplans

Rules for Workbenches

Earlier this year, we promised 2007 would be the "Year of the Workbench." To round out 2007, we published a lengthy piece on the rules for designing (or buying) a good workbench. popularwoodworking.com/toolstechniques

No-fail Dovetails

Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick has been practicing dovetails using a method developed by Senior Editor Glen D. Huey. We sum up his technique and give you a progress report on Megan's tails and pins. popularwoodworking.com/projectplans

And More!

Visit popularwoodworking.com/dec07 to find a complete list of all the online resources for this issue - including videos, additional drawings and photos.

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