Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 7

Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 7
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What's the Trick to Adjusting Handscrew Jaws to Parallel?

I n your "Mobile Clamp Cart" article in the October issue (#164) you show wooden handscrew clamps, and you've recommended them on the blog. I have a few, but I have trouble keeping the jaws parallel. I'm sure there's a trick to it, but I can't seem to figure it out on my own. Can you help?

— Steve Janiak, Missoula, Montana

One of the good things about wooden handscrews is you can get the jaws out of parallel if you need to — if, for example, you want to apply pressure at thejust tips of thejaws. However, most of the time they work best when the jaws are parallel. If you spin them all the way closed, it's easy to adjust one of the screws to get them lined up. Then, you spin them back open to where you need them. When I have them in position for final tightening, I bring the inner part of the jaw down on the work, then it's just a twis t or two of the back handle to bring the tips down on the work.

— Robert W. Lang, senior editor


Workshop Planning: What's the Best Location for my Bench?

I'm a beginning woodworker and in the process of planning my first shop. After a lot of reading I've decided to stick with hand tools exclusively, at least in the beginning. My question is, where do I set up shop?

My basement and garage are possibilities but they are small and uninspiring. Living

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in Ohio, I'm also concerned about heating, cooling, humidity and rust.

Then I thought about using the sun room off the kitchen (I have a very understanding wife). It's perfect: large size, high ceilings, windows everywhere and a view of all the trees in the back yard. It's my favorite room in the house. My only concern is with dust because this room is very open to the rest of

the house; there are no doors to close it off.

If I use hand tools exclusively, do you think dust will be a problem, or will I mostly be dealing with larger chunks and shavings? I don't mind keeping a tidy shop, but I'm concerned about the health issues associated with breathing in dust and creating an unsafe environment for my family. I know this would be a legitimate concern



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