Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 5

Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 5

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DECEMBER 2007, VOL. 27, NO. 7 popularwoodworking.com EDITORIAL OFFICES 513-531-2690

Glen D. Huey, senior editor of Popular Woodworking, has settled into his new role as a magazine editor (and our resident power-tool guy, videography expert and guy with the largest truck) after almost two decades of work as a professional cabinetmaker, teacher and freelance author. His web site (where you'll find all of his books and videos) is woodworkersedge.com.

Right now, in addition to his editorial duties for the magazine, Glen is working on a new book, "Finish Trim Carpentry for the Homeowner" (Popular Woodworking Books), which is scheduled to ship to bookstores in February 2008.

For this issue, he designed and built the Shaker-style workbench featured on page 62. This is the bench that Glen will be using in our shop in Cincinnati, and he employed many of his furniture-making talents in building the piece, from the stout post-and-rail base to the dovetailed drawers. The bench is designed for the modern woodworker who uses a lot of power tools, some hand tools and needs a lot of tool-storage space.

Jeff Skiver is a mechanical engineer who designs automobile parts, and he could usually be found with a wrench in his hand - that is until he stumbled into woodworking in 2004 when he built a sauna in his basement, and fell in love with it (both the woodworking and the sauna). Now, he's steadily working his way chronologically backward through various styles of fine furniture.

He notes that he's not afraid to make ugly furniture, citing as evidence a heartstopping pink and purple Arts & Crafts desk his niece requested. Jeff's "Out of the Woodwork" story (page 96) is his first for the magazine, and marks the last time he'll be welcome at his local woodworking club.

Robert W. Lang is a senior editor

of Popular Woodworking and author of the definitive books of shop drawings for Arts & Crafts furniture, including the new "Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture" (Fox Chapel). See all his books and full-size plans at crafts-manplans.com. His article on the Stickley Poppy Table begins on page 36.

8 ■ Popular Woodworking December 2007

Don Means With a degree in

mechanical engineering, Don has an inclination toward metalworking and machine tools. But after restoring a 1940s Walker-Turner table saw he acquired from a neighbor about 15 years ago, he decided to devote more time to woodworking and has been building furniture for friends and family ever since.


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