Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 22

Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 22

-■ Tool Test ■-

Infinity's Professional Coping Sled

Ifyou'rebuildinga number of doors for cabinets or cupboards, and you're not employing traditional construction techniques, you're most likely using cope and stick (rail and stile) router bits at a router table.

The most difficult cut to make using these bits is, of course, the coped portion. This cross-cutting action is repeated twice on each rail; if you're not using a backer piece as you make a cut, you're wasting material when you blow out the back edge of the cut.

You need a coping sled. Infinity's Professional Coping Sled is the right tool. Constructed with a 3/8"-thick aluminum base

that dampens vibration (the base now comes tapped foraddinga miter bar ifyou so choose) and soft-padded ergonomically designed handles, this sled is designed to be used for extended periods of shop time.

Three fully adjustable toggle clamps are positioned for accurate workholding: two hold the workpiece from behind a fixed fence while the third is set on an adjustable fence to be properly positioned depending on the width ofyourstock-uptoamaximumof53/4". That covers most door applications.

When designing the Professional Coping Sled, safety was obviously important. Infinity implemented a 5/i6"-thick Lexan visor that

runs the length of the sled and rides against a fence. This keeps the sled square to the router fence and completely away from spinning router bits while maintaining a clear view of the cutting action. However, we have a router table fence in our shop on which a T-track is in the same location as the visor. This could affect the sled's safety execution- but is easily corrected with an auxiliary fence.

Where I found this sled to work best is

Infinity Tools • 877-872-2487 or infinitytools.com Street price ■ $140

when no miter-gauge slot is available. Due to the visor sliding along the fence face, it's possible to make accurate cope cuts each and every time. The sled locks the stock firmly and allows a perfect cut. —GH

Norton's Sharpening System in a Box

I'm not the most organized person in the world and this is one of the reasons I like the Norton 1M83-W Sharpening System. In one case, which is just a bit larger than a lunch box, is everything I need to keep my edge tools honed and sharp.

In the top of the box is a three-sided gizmo that holds three waterstones: #1,000, #4,000, and #8,000 grit. It is designed to hold two of the stones in a bath of water, and the third in position for use. As I move up through the grits, rotating the holder brings the next stone into position, soaked and ready to use. 1 don't have room for a dedicated sharpening station, or the discipline to keep myself from piling stuff on one if 1 had one, so this makes it easy to contain the mess when it's time to hone, and it only takes a minute to pack it all back up.

I like the Norton waterstones because they are abrasive enough to cut quickly, but soft enough to provide useful feedback while

sharpening. Some people find the #4,000- and #8,000-grit stones to be too soft; it is possible to poke a corner of the tool into the stone.

In the bottom of the box is a second storage compartment where a flattening stone lives, and there is space down there for a few rags and other sharpening sundries. Bringing the stones back to a flat surface is quick work with the flatteningstone, and the stonesare 1" thick. It would take a truly obsessive sharpener a long time to wear one out, but it is possible. My conclusion is that Norton has reached a good compromise with the composition of these stones. They cut fast, leave a keen edge and can be easily maintained. Having the complete set in one handy box that fits in a small space is a plus. The kit sells for about $200 from many retailers, and is also available with oilstones instead of waterstones. 1 think it's an excellent solution for sharpening. PW

—Robert W.Lang

Norton ■ nortonstones.com Street price ■ $225

Norton Sharpening System

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