Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 4

— AUGUST 2008 -Online

Project Plans Craftsman Bookcase

You'll find project plans and a complete cut list for Senior Editor Robert W. Lang's Craftsman Bookcase in the article (page 38), but he's also posted a Google SketchUp model so you can take the case apart, and individual pieces and assemblies. popularwoodworking.com/aug08


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Video Gallery Lumber Selection

Senior editors Robert W. Lang and Glen D. Huey took a road trip to Frank Miller Lumber in Indiana where they shot two videos: One on buying hardwoods for any project, and another on the selection process Bob used for the sapele Craftsman Bookcase in this issue. popularwoodworking.com/video

How to: Fan Inlay

Rob Millard walks you step by step through the process of making a sand-shaded, corner fan inlay. This easy inlay will add a Federal detail to any style project. popularwoodworking.com/video

Joinery Jigs

For the Craftsman Bookcase, Senior Editor Robert W. Lang had to cut multiple through-mortises and shelf dados. To make the job easier and more accurate, he made a couple jigs - he shares them with you on a video. popularwoodworking.com/video

Masking Tape Magic

Marc Spagnuolo (a.k.a. The Wood Whisperer) shows you just some of the many uses for masking tape in your shop. popularwoodworking.com/video

New This Month:



In America

Hand Tools &Techniques Conference 2008 Register now for Woodworking In America, a unique hand-tool event (Nov. 14-16 in Berea, Ky.) that brings together the nation's top woodworkers and toolmakers. For more information and to register, visit: WoodworkinglnAmerica.com

Planer Safety Tips

For a printable list of planer safety tips to supplement Marc Adams's article on page 51, visit: popularwoodworking.com/aug08

Greene & Greene Slide Show

David Mathias took far more pictures for the Greene & Greene story than we could use in this issue. So, we've posted a downloadable slide show to complement the article. popularwoodworking.com/aug08

And More!

Visit popularwoodworking.com/aug08 to find a complete list of all the online resources for this issue - including videos, additional drawings and photos.

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