Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 6

Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 6

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A Shout-out for The Wood Whisperer


1 erminology can be a real turn-off. I hope you can remember how daunting it was when you first encountered the weird words of woodworking: rabbet, stuck moulding, resawing and haunched tenon - to name just a few. Once you get familiar with the ideas that these terms represent, the wacky words we use to represent them are incidental.

The Internet has the same language barrier. Few people can really explain the difference between a downstream RSS feed and a post pushed out by Feedburner. But the terms themselves keep a lot of us from enjoying the rich tapestry of woodworking instruction that is offered for free on the web.

So here's my advice: Forget you ever heard the words "blog" or "video podcast" - you don't need to know their meanings to enjoy the instruction that they provide. When you deal with Internet information, all you need to know is that it's much like any other information. It usually comes in three flavors: text, audio and images (until Smell-o-Web is invented).

If you've resisted exploring the world wide web of woodworking (the "wwww"), here's an easy way to start: Visit The Wood Whisperer at thewoodwhispcrer.com and just poke around. Marc Spagnuolo's web site offers a rich array of what you'll find on a high-quality site, and it's fun to read, watch and listen to.

You'll find short videos that are entertaining and informative. You can listen to Marc and his buddy Matt Vanderlist (a

fellow woodworker on the web) chat about the craft and tools in their program called Wood Talk Online. Oryou can simply read about projects that Marc or his fans are building, or poke around their shops (a new shop touris posted every week). And finally. The Wood Whisperer site is a great home base step out and explore other similar sites.

Need more convincing? Turn to page 26 of this issue and read our first-ever column written by The Wood Whisperer. Every issue. Marc is going to write about woodworking technique, then he's going to provide a short video for our web site (visit popularwood-working.com/video to see it), where you'll also find links to Marc's site and a whole other world of woodworking information.

And to Prove I'm Serious... The other important thing to mention here is that we've just hired a new associate editor for the web. His name is Drew DePenning, and he is a maestro of all things digital, from audio to video to web sites. He's going to help expand popularwoodworking.com and add more free video, text and audio content to the site as well. So if you haven't checked out our web site lately (or ever) I urge you to stop by. It's completely free. It's rich with information. And it's all there for you - the enthusiastic woodworker. PW

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