Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 5

Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 5

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Mario Rodriguez has more than 30 years in woodworking as a builder, teacher and writer. After teaching for 17 years in the Restoration Department at the Fashion Institute of New York, Mario now teaches at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop (philadelphiafurniture workshop.com). He's written two books, "Traditional Woodwork" and "Building Fireplace Mantels" (both from Taunton Press), and contributed numerous articles to many woodworking magazines. The Campaign Table (page 46) is Mario's second article for Popular Woodworking; the first, on veneering basics, appeared in June 2007 (issue #162).

Marc Spagnuolo is the host of

the popular web site thewoodwhisperer. com, which offers scads of free instructional woodworking videos, shop tours, audio programs about woodworking and links to other like-minded woodworking sites.

He's also our newest contributor. Marc will be writing a column (which we have cleverly titled "The Wood Whisperer") in every issue on a woodworking technique; this month's is on page 26. In addition to the written word, Marc will be posting a video on our site at popular woodworking.com/video that will show that technique in action.

Adam Cherubini, contributing editor to Popular Woodworking and author of our Arts & Mysteries column, has taken a sabbatical from his engineering design job to pursue furniture making full time. It will come as no surprise to our regular readers that Adam is concentrating his custom furniture business on 18th-century designs, tools and techniques. You can check out his work at adamcherubini.com, and read his blog at artsandmysteries.com.

Also, Adam has again been selected by Early American Life magazine for its prestigious "Directory of Traditional American Crafts," for which each year, a panel of judges (comprised of museum curators, dealers and other experts) reviews submissions and selects only the best. It's an honor bestowed upon only a handful of craftspeople. Our congratulations to Adam on this achievement.

In this issue, Adam concludes his two-part story on building a ladder-back chair, beginning on page 22.

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