Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 9

Popular Woodworking 2008-08 № 170, страница 9

Tricks op the Trade -



A Back-saving Vise Extension


v hile sawing dovetails for a jewelry box, 1 found my back was hurting from hunching over my bench vise. In order to work more comfortably, I built this vise extension that works on the same principle as a leg vise. The fixture is nothing more than a couple short sections of 2x12 lumber connected with a veneer-press screw ($15 from Woodworker's Supply; woodworker.com or800-645-9292). The longer rear board clamps into my bench vise, while the front board adjusts in and out by turning the veneer-press screw. In use, the workpiece gets clamped between the two boards, projecting from the top at a much

more comfortable working height. The topsof the jaws are chamfered for easier workpiece access and tool maneuverability.

To keep the jaws parallel under clamping pressure, simply insert a shim at the bottom that's the same thickness as your workpiece. To prevent a workpiece from slipping downward when tapping on it with a chisel or other tool, rest the lower end of the workpiece on a tall shim board. The fixture can be made in any size to suit particular types of work, and the clamp can be reused in different-sized vises if desired.

—Hunter Cox, Richmond, Virginia

Threaded collar secured I >»■— into hole with screws | / through flange

Screw's pressure plate not necessary

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